Trump’s Mar-a-lago classified documents

Trump’s Mar-a-lago classified documents is a focus on Trump’s authority to classify and declassify any document he wishes. The bottom line in the entire Mar-a-lago mess is that Democrats excessively use the law against conservatives, while they give their own a pass on the same thing. If the President of the United States can declassify any document at will without telling anyone, without asking anyone, and without any process, then Trump’s documents are automatically declassified when he wants them to be. On the other hand, the vice president cannot declassify ANY DOCUMENT in any way (except asking the president to declassify it for him). So Biden’s secret documents are a very big problem while Trump’s “problem” with these documents are not in any way at the level of being a problem. EVERY president has to hold documents of his time in office by law. What he personally wants to retain (for his presidential library) versus turn over to the national archives is a matter of discussion, but not a matter of national security. Joe Biden putting secret documents that he does not have the power as vice president to declassify in a box of junk in his garage, or in a closet in an insecure building that has Chinese representatives (i.e. spies) present, and they have access to them, we are talking about apples versus oranges.

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You will buy an Electric car

“You will buy an Electric car” this analysis looks at the push to make people buy and use electric vehicles. It is incredible that Democrats want to force people to spend their own money in order to back their ideas and line the Democrats pockets. Electric cars pollute the environment more than gasoline cars do. The only difference is the gas cars pollute on the road, and the electric cars pollute at the gas and coal plants that power the grid. Continue reading