Trump Invites Troops to his Hotel

Trump Invites Troops to his Hotel in DC. This opinion expresses my feelings about President Donald Trump.

The present opinion piece was generated by my reading this article,

Yes CNN and company won’t print this kind of news. Only what is politically correct to the Democrat party. “Opening your establishment to cold soldiers waiting to go on duty again is sedition,” remember that. At least to the Democrats.

First of all, I cannot wait for Trump to run for President again to straighten out the mess the Democrats have made of the US. But this guy just has class. His class is so unrecognized, so unseen among Democrats, and so much the Democrats cannot even understand the kind of class this President has. He was my president for the time he won, and will always be my president even if the Democrats put him in jail, or even try to execute President Trump. I will still love him. Read They have some articles that tell a different story. The Democrats are running scared. They are winning in a landslide, they squeezed in by cheating and more and more things will come out (many already have been exposed).

Second of all, Nancy and Chuck hate America, but they loathe the military. When did Trump feel the need in 4 years of constant attacks on him to call out the National Guard to supplement his personal security guard? Did you know many of those troops called in to keep people (Democrat or Republic) off the streets of DC in the inauguration turned their backs to the Biden motorcade as he passed? They did it in masse against him.

Third, let’s think a minute about all this and put this in perspective. President Trump who was literally torn to shreds every day in the press and by Democrat congressmen (in English the male “men” can include also women. Sorry, get used to it.) But President Trump never felt challenged enough to use National Guardsmen this way. Maybe President Trump is pro gun and has a really big gun in that black limousine with him.

Ok. Get what the Democrats are trying to feed us.

  1. Guns are bad, so no citizen should own a gun. The police will protect you.
  2. The police are bad so we need to replace the police with unarmed guidance counselors.
  3. The army is bad, so you don’t need t spend all that money to defend America from foreign threats, China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. are our friends. They would never do anything like plant nuclear bombs on a small island like Cuba to use against us.

Okay, we got it. The force of the executive branch of government is non-essential. Then some questions about Biden’s conduct.

  1. If all of the above is logical and actual, why does Biden need so much protection in his inauguration?
  2. How come in all of the speeches running for president, I never saw one that had more than maybe 30 to 100 people (mostly secret service agents and press and Biden’s own staff) yet I see 26,000 police and soldiers protecting Biden on his first day?
  3. What’s with all the flags? Are we to believe that these represent all the people that are for Biden. Okay, I can go with that. How many were there? 500? Then that is all the people that voted for Biden on election. Great confession Joey boy.
  4. Then there was the parade. I have seen North Korean parades like that, and in Russia, China, and Cuba. So Biden is confessing by that order that he is going full Communist on us in his first day in office? Got it.



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