Democrat politicians are cowards

Democrat politicians are cowards is an opinion by David Cox observing that in many situations it is clear to see the cowardliness of Democrat politicians. From the get-go let me say that not 100% of the Democrat politicians are all cowards, but this is the drift of most of their political party. Likewise, there are some cowards in the Republican party. But there are a lot more patriotic and brave Republicans that Democrats.

Secondly, let me answer the obvious question in this post. Are you against Democrat politicians. No, not all of them. But I cannot seem to find any brave ones defending America, our Constitution, or our way of American life. If I find some Democrat that fits that bill, I will add their name here at the bottom of this post as an exception.

So what about the cowardliness of the Democrats? The general public should not vote for any Democrat into office because of their cowardliness.

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Calls to Impeach Joe Biden

Calls to Impeach Joe Biden Since Democrats used impeachment against Trump, some are calling for Joe Biden to resign for improper decisions and actions.

Note: If Governor Cuomo has disgraced his office by his sexual exploits and wrong judgment over the nursing home Covid 19 scandal, and Biden recommends that he resign because of that, then it is 100% correct for others to demand the same in the case of Biden himself.

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Biden traps Americans in Afghanistan

Biden traps Americans in Afghanistan is an article about Biden’s actions (inactions, or poor, inept actions) causing Americans to be trapped in the clutches of the Taliban. The situation in Afghanistan under the direction of President Biden is truly embarrassing for the United States.

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