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Covid 19 Chinese Coronavirus is an index page for articles and opinions and editorials on the Chinese Wuhan Covid 19 Coronavirus.

A Few Facts about Covid-19

The news media and Democrats try to distance this disease from the Chinese government. The outbreak was first in Wuhan China. Normally, the world labels the diseases with their outbreak places. If Donald Trump’s home of Florida was the first place this disease was to break out, without a doubt they would label and attach the disease to Trump somehow. So the move to rename the virus is all about politics, and has nothing to do with “being fair” or other fairy ideas that the Democrats float about this.

The reason why this Coronavirus is associated with China is because China is responsible for it. Whether it came about through the Chinese military releasing it, or accidentally letting it get out because of their carelessness with a deadly virus or whether it came about through a freak act of nature (all these are being debated), there are some facts very clear that lays the blame for what happened with this Coronavirus at the feet of the Chinese.

First of all, the Chinese government knew that the virus was happening, yet they opened their tourist floodgates to allow millions of Chinese outside of China to come into Wuhan and Chinese in Wuhan to leave China all during the birthing months of this virus. There can be no doubt of this fact. Even as their government did not hinder nor advise against this, they did shut all the rest of China down as far as people in Wuhan going to the rest of China or people from the rest of China going to Wuhan. They knew very well what they were doing. They tried to heap blame on President Trump for restricting US to Wuhan flights, when they were secretly doing the same thing. That should conscience malice of a grave sort considering the millions that died from this virus.

Moreover, when the virus started in Wuhan, China prevented any medical researcher personnel from entering China to study this new virus and take samples so vaccinations could begun to be developed. That was grossly wrong. They refused to let even WHO people from going to these key origin places to study the situation there. An innocent outbreak as a “freak of nature” should correspond with the Chinese openness to let others study what happened. So this is all against the Chinese indicating that either they planned this, or it was an accident and they want to save face by denying it happened, or hide their part in the matter. All places blame on the Chinese.

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