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Drugs and Alcohol Index Page is a news article and editorial page on drugs, especially on what the government does about them, and politicians using illegal drugs.

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Understanding the Crux of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

I am a pastor and missionary. My point of view is a religious one. From ancient times, Satan (a real person, a fallen angel which has positioned himself as an opponent of God and good) has tried to contact, communicate, influence, dominate, and use mankind for his own purposes has tried to disconnect the logic of man in order for man to obey his wishes, and deny God the obedience of man to God’s will.

This spiritual battle has been going on since Satan’s fall, and it will continue according to the Bible until God throws Satan, his angels, and all men who do not submit to God’s will into hell.

Man is fragile, and while Satan can convince many people of Satan’s purposes, it is difficult at best. Man’s logic causes Satan’s lies to be revealed. Being drug is not what it appears to be. It is not pretty, and everybody that has gone “too far” with alcohol knows the recovery the next day is not pretty. Reality hits these lies in the face.

But Satan has used both alcohol and drugs to put a person’s “logic facilities” in neutral, so that Satan can control that person. This is seen forever in movies, it seems like. A man wants to have his way with a pretty woman, he gets her drug. Her normal rejection instincts are set in neutral by the alcohol or drugs, and she does what the man wants. Equally, common are business who are pitching some product or project or something, and normally the client will not accept the pitch, but under the influence, they concede. This is the power of alcohol and drugs.

What should be our point of view toward drugs

The Christian Point of View

Our Christian point of view towards these chemicals (both are chemicals that have detrimental effects on the human body. There are laws against driving drunk and operating machinery drunk because of the effect of these things on human judgment). But if somebody who is not Christian has a valid opinion, as well as a supposed Christian has a positive view of drugs, then I can express a Christian viewpoint and equally be valid.

If you just check with people who have addictions, it is hard to argue that drugs are good. They are promoted as being “recreational”, but the American government regulates skydivers because it is dangerous. They outright prohibit base jumping (jumping off of a tall building with a parachute). So why does anybody think drug use should be legal?

The destruction of people’s lives is obvious. You do not need to go very far to find somebody who has known a family member or friend that has had their lives ruined by drugs. Alcoholism also has the same effect.

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The Governmental Viewpoint

Drugs have no benefit from a governmental viewpoint. Drugs cause death, injury, and the destruction of the family, the loss of productivity of the worker, and in general, ruins society. The US government spends around 40 billion dollars in drug related expenses [statista.com] Pewtrusts.com notes that just the Opioid crisis causes $35 billion in health care costs per year, $14.8 billion in criminal justice costs per year, and $92 billion in lost productivity each year. They estimate that 70,000 people die from opioid use in 2020. So besides the deaths and damage drug use causes to individuals, it costs the American government a great amount of money that could be used elsewhere to better use. Why would the government endorse or allow drug use?

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