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Kamala Harris overview is a page that links to articles about Kamala Harris and analyses of her as a political member of the Democratic Party. This is purely an opinion of David Cox.

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Harris has risen in the Democratic party within the California establishment. She was both a District attorney and a State attorney in California before becoming a California senator. She achieved these accomplishments by her friend with a powerful man in the Democratic party in California, Jerry Brown. Note that she dated Willy Brown in order to accelerate her politic ascendance. He remained marry through this time, and noted that Harris was his girlfriend. Also note that Brown advised Harris not to take the VP slot with Biden. Turns out that was very wise advise that Harris should have taken.

As an overview, Harris has played loose with the laws, selectively interpreting them or ignoring them as she wills. Worse still, she twists what she finds as laws to suit her purposes, or in other words, she weaponizes the law, some laws, while ignoring others. She is judge, jury, and executioner in her own perception.

  • As State D.A. she worked to charge parents if they kids are chronically truants.
  • She also worked with police when searching for criminals through DNA, to go to their relatives through their DNA.
  • Harris also supported seizing assets even before conviction in criminal cases.
  • Harris’ ideas extend to keeping convicted felons out of prison by putting them in job training programs.
  • Harris as most Democrats likewise believe and work, got an illegal alien into law school, when being an illegal alien is a crime, and lawyers are not allowed into law school in such a situation.
  • Harris has on the Senate floor, Harris declared, “An undocumented immigrant is not a criminal.” She later avowed the belief that illegal immigration is “a civil violation, not a crime.”
  • San Francisco prosecutors “won a lower percentage of their felony jury trials than their counterparts at district attorneys’ offices covering the 10 largest cities in California,” and San Francisco’s rate dropped further in the first quarter of 2010.
  • Harris supports Obama’s DACA illegality.
  • “In April 2018, Harris urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to “reduce funding for beds in the federal immigration system,” reject calls to hire more Border Patrol personnel, and “reduce funding for the administration’s reckless immigration enforcement operations.””
  • As California D.A. Harris hid information that would have allowed a defendant to be liberated from charges because of the back actions of a police technology individual involved. She plays loose with the law.
  • D.A. Harris apparently did not do all she could in dealing with and pursuing Catholic priest abuse of individuals and children.
  • Senator Diane Feinstein voted for Harris as California D.A. In the case of the murder of policeman Isaac Espinoza by David Hill, Harris could have requested the death penalty but didn’t. Feinstein commented, “This is not only the definition of tragedy, it’s the special circumstance called for by the death-penalty law.” He got a life sentence. “Feinstein later told reporters that if she’d known Harris was against the death penalty, she probably wouldn’t have endorsed her for D.A. in the first place.”
  • California has a 90 year old law against allowing photos or images of handguns in gun stores. Harris prosecuted gun shops for this. A federal judge ruled against Harris’ actions as D.A.
  • Harris supported a universal income type tax credit, where the individuals owe no taxes but get a credit.

Kamala Harris Headlines

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