Covid 19 Origin

Covid 19 Origin is an index page for studies and news about where the Covid 19 virus came from, or its origin. The issue here is 1) whether China had something to do with creating Covid 19, 2) using Covid for its purposes of promoting Chinese Communism and the destroying of western cultures 3) whether the Chinese had bad actor behavior and activity in not doing the proper things to advise the world of its existence and spread, and allowing other nationals to have timely knowledge and access to the places believed to be the first break outs of this virus.

Note that as I read news articles, it would seem strange some of the things that are coming to light. A vaccine needs about 3-4 years of testing and development before it is ready for “prime time” distribution. Trump moved heaven and earth it seems to get this vaccine done in 1 year. But there are rumors that the Chinese had a Chinese version back in 2019 “before the outbreak.” While the world is told to focus on an animal jump to human event, of course not in their viral lab in Wuhan near the market where it was first noted, that same lab had everything shut down in November, and two of their scientists were hospitalized with a serious flu in November 2019.

Another piece of interesting information is that France did a cancer study in September 2019 where blood tests were taken of some 1000 people, about half in Italy, half in France. Italy has a few cities with over 1 million Chinese living there. Since they have that many people’s blood, they tested it for Covid antibodies. 20% had them, and this was blood taken back in September 2019. To have been exposed and your body form antibodies you need 2 months or more. So that puts Covid active in the early to mid summer of 2019. We are not being told all the truth.

While everything President Donald Trump said and did has been roundly denied and counterstated as being a lie, we keep finding that he was not that far from being exactly on target so many times. The truth of the matter is Trump told the truth (the facts of the matter) but the Democrats found this truth unsatisfactory for them so they called it a lie, and yelled that only they own the truth. If this isn’t the beginning stages of lunacy, I don’t know what is.

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News Articles on the Origin of Covid