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Joe Biden President is a summary study page on Joe Biden as to his biography, actions, and political positions and desires as the current president Elect. There is a very good question as to whether or not Joe Biden legally won the 2020 election. For the sake of argument, I will use the moniker of “President Elect” although I personally believe he won through fraud, not by the will of the people.

Meditating on Joe Biden

So let me get this clear in my head. First, Hunter Biden takes in 1.5 billion dollars from China. From Hunter’s laptop, we know that income from his activities (legitimate or illegitimate) were in part going back to Joe Biden. Second, for some strange reason, Joe Biden surrenders Afghanistan and all the US high tech military equipment to the Taliban. Thirdly, China owns half of all the mines for rare earth materials. These materials are essential in making high tech batteries, solar panels, etc. Afghanistan has part of what China doesn’t already own, and now China is going to be the Taliban’s best buddies.

Can we not see a pattern emerging here? Did China pay off the Biden family a few years ago, before the 2020 election, with the deal being to leave Afghanistan as Biden has done? Fourth, the 2020 election had foreign interference probably from China among a number of countries. Why did the Democrats drive into the ground that Trump had election interference from Russia when there was no evidence? Could it be in order to make that same accusation null and void when the 2020 election came around and Biden was pre-chosen to win?

We need to shift our thinking from impeaching Joe Biden to trying him for treason to the nation. Maybe that is why Kamala Harris is distancing herself from good ole Joe.

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