Are these crises really not Biden’s fault?

Are these crises really not Biden’s fault?

When President Trump was in office, the Main stream media could not find anything good that was happening under Trump (although Trump broke good records in the books constantly), but the media imagined horrible crises constantly and attributed them all (even made up ones) to Trump because he was president at the time. This is really interesting. Even though Trump had nothing to do with some world events, if they could be twisted and spun to be seen as a crisis, or a bad thing, Trump had to take responsibility for everything. He was president.

But when things are turned around, and bad things happen directly because of the actions of Biden, it is impossible to blame Biden. He is just the president, and Trump is still at fault.

Trump’s position in Controlling events post-presidency

What is amazing is that apparently many people in the media, in the Democrat party, and even Joe Biden all sincerely believe 1) Trump is still calling the shots and causing every bad that is going on. If that is so, then why don’t they step aside and let Trump also be president? The entire polemic of pre-election Democrat thinking was if they get into power, the trifecta, President, control the Senate and the House, that their policies and actions will “fix” everything wrong with the country and world. They got their wish and when they cannot “fix” anything, their only defense is to again blame Trump. They are fixated Trump. They cannot see beyond Donald Trump. It is as if they are just political commentators and not running the country. 2) The Dems truly believe their lies about how the country should be run under the Dems to fix the problems is working. How does that check with reality? It just doesn’t. Again blame shifting is a juvenile activity, not for responsible adults, and definitely not for the President of the country.

3) The Dems actually think that they can run things how they desire to run them without consulting with the majority of the citizens, nor gathering their support. They rule by fiat as a dictator, and they actually think that the mass of citizens will not notice what they are doing.

Beyond belief

As I read a news article about the baby formula crisis is hitting the WIC social program participants (mainly blacks and Spanish), it is incredibly stupid to me. The Dems consider these two groups as being “in the Dems pocket”. Those mothers are the ones who are hurting in all of this. So you think that somehow between June and November that all of those Democrat mothers are going to forget about the formula crisis? And that providing it is solved immediately? Again, just study the Democrat playbook, and they are proving the opposite of their thinking is the better way. Free trade on a baby formula company one to one basis is the best way.

For those unaware of the problem, Biden and the Dems forced each state handling WIC to step up a monopoly of only one company to produce baby formula for the entire state, and about half of all mothers with infants are using the WIC governmental program to buy their formula. So, when you shoot yourself in your own foot, how start are you?

On another matter, Biden and Yeller apologizing because they didn’t understand how their actions could mess up the entire supply line for baby formula. Huh? That is why our governmental system is so slow (normally without Biden). Things are proposed, studied, then their is public debate, opinions, more study from that, and finally goes to the Congress to be kicked around by both parties before a law is made. THEN, and only by passing all that process is something signed into law. Biden decides what he thinks, and makes a president order and by passes all of that. The Dems are trying to bypass our way of governing by imposing themselves as dictators. They will fail.

Are these crises really not Biden’s fault?

This post was started in my mind by a news piece here…  Actually I have seen the same gist in some half a dozen news articles recently.

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