Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? Updated

Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? An examination of the change in the official narrative from the government.

CLAIM: Pfizer admitted to the European Parliament that it had not tested the ability of its COVID-19 vaccine to prevent transmission of the virus before it entered the market, proving the company lied about this earlier in the pandemic.

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You will buy an Electric car

You will buy an Electric car this analysis looks at the push to make people buy and use electric vehicles. It id incredible that Democrats want to force people to spend their own money in order to back their ideas and line the Democrats pockets. Electric cars pollute the environment more than gasoline cars do. The only difference is the gas cars pollute on the road, and the electric cars pollute at the gas and coal plants that power the grid. Continue reading

Another Election More Fraud

Another Election More Fraud is a reflection on how election fraud is either the truth or in itself breaking the laws for denying the election results.

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  • This post from the DailySignal.com reviews how denying election results is a time worn common history in the history of the United States. Since most of these are Democrats losing an election, it is highly ironic and hypocrisy to hear them complain about Trump.

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