Democrat politicians are cowards

Democrat politicians are cowards is an opinion by David Cox observing that in many situations it is clear to see the cowardliness of Democrat politicians. From the get-go let me say that not 100% of the Democrat politicians are all cowards, but this is the drift of most of their political party. Likewise, there are some cowards in the Republican party. But there are a lot more patriotic and brave Republicans that Democrats.

Secondly, let me answer the obvious question in this post. Are you against Democrat politicians. No, not all of them. But I cannot seem to find any brave ones defending America, our Constitution, or our way of American life. If I find some Democrat that fits that bill, I will add their name here at the bottom of this post as an exception.

So what about the cowardliness of the Democrats? The general public should not vote for any Democrat into office because of their cowardliness.

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The Messianic Character of Government

The Messianic Character of Government is a study on how government seeks to become the “savior” of its people and the world. When I was working on my Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision, for one of the courses, Philosophy of Education, we had to read a book called something like “The Messianic Character of Public Education in America” which I believe it was by a Rushdoony. It has been 35+ years now, and I don’t remember the exact title, but I remember well the proposition of the book. American public education has taken the role of savior in their outlook and objectives. Simply put, the American child is in a life threatening position, and it is America public education that is going to save that child. Continue reading