Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? Updated

Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? An examination of the change in the official narrative from the government.

CLAIM: Pfizer admitted to the European Parliament that it had not tested the ability of its COVID-19 vaccine to prevent transmission of the virus before it entered the market, proving the company lied about this earlier in the pandemic.

See Posts mislead on Pfizer COVID vaccine’s impact on transmission

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Covid Vaccines are ineffective

Covid Vaccines are ineffective examines modern medical proof that the Covid vaccines are not what they are supposed to be.

Question: If what they are forcing on everybody is a straight vaccine for Covid, why are vaccinated and boostered people getting Covid again?

As a follow up on this article, I read an article in AmericanThinker.com, and they brought out an interesting happening with undertakers. They are having problems draining the dead bodies of blood. That used to happen in a very low single digit number of times (percent), but now it is closer to 40% of the time. The article suggests that this is due to the Covid vaccine causing a long string in the arteries that makes easily draining the body of its blood very difficult. They cannot do more studies of this because they work for funeral parlors that don’t want to get into politics.

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Gates Depopulation by Covid Vaccinations

Gates Depopulation by Covid Vaccinations. Bill Gates has expressed his solution  to world problems by saying that he is hoping that the current Covid vaccinations will kill many people. This present article is a review of the article

Bill Gates: “Vaccines are “Best Way” to Depopulate

Please note that I do not like to report on this because it sounds too fantastic to believe. So whether it is so or not, I will let you read throw the article and check out the links to decide for yourself. But crazy stuff like this does exist although an organized worldwide conspiracy is hard to believe, evil men do exist and some of these do crazy extreme things. Hitler had concentration camps that extinguished many lives because the Nazis thought these people didn’t serve the Nazi purposes, and therefore the lives were worthless.

Bill Gates thinking (and actions) causes a sane person to wonder and be aware of what could happen if this crazy Gates achieves what he wants.

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How serious is Covid Omicron?

How serious is Covid Omicron? is an observation and thoughts on the news that 70% of Covid cases are Omicron and no deaths in the US.

The Omicron variant of the COVID virus appears to spread more easily than either the Wuhan or Delta mutations but also seems to be far less lethal. Despite CDC estimates that over 70 percent of the infections in the US today are from Omicron, there has yet to be a single death attributed to Omicron. In the UK, where the Omicron variant has been around longer, it has been blamed for only twelve deaths.

From Prevention to Treatment

Monoclonal antibodies, which Trump was castigated for touting, are proving to be an effective treatment… We gave the Biden Administration $1.9 trillion for COVID relief but somehow, we don’t have the money for monoclonal antibodies.

Covid: Forget The Masks; Make Antibodies

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