95% of Omicron cases are in vaccinated people

95% of Omicron cases are in vaccinated people is an article about this surprising statistic that is coming out now. They are not informing us of the “science.”


If the Covid vaccinations cause a weakening in a person’s immune system, then this makes all the sense in the world. Very simply put, what we are being told by the government and by our medical people is just wrong. We are being lied to. We cannot trust either of them now.

So the purpose of a vaccine is to build up antibodies specific to the virus so that you do not get it. That narrative is just not true in the case of Covid. What they are giving people are like vitamin C for the flu. It is to help reduce the gravity of the disease when you get it. So I have never heard of anybody dying from taking a few vitamin C tablets. Yet I have heard of people dying from a reaction to the Covid vaccine.

Moreover, instead of building up your strength against Covid, the vaccine lowers your defenses. There are soldiers who cannot pass their physicals after taking the vaccine. So exactly where is the “smartness” of taking Covid vaccine? It would seem that the smarter people are being stubborn against taking it.

95% of Omicron cases are in vaccinated people

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