Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? Updated

Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? An examination of the change in the official narrative from the government.

CLAIM: Pfizer admitted to the European Parliament that it had not tested the ability of its COVID-19 vaccine to prevent transmission of the virus before it entered the market, proving the company lied about this earlier in the pandemic.

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What we were told

The problem with all of this is that the Democrats have weaponized different official government entities in their fight for power over the Republicans. It is not the experts telling us what the science says, but rather the politicians telling the professional experts, in this case the doctors, what the narrative they want at the moment is going to be.

1) This Democrat narrative has no underlying basis in facts and science, scientific studies that prove something one way or another, but rather, they work some kind of political gymnastic for their purposes.

2) They lie. First they tell us one thing (which is not true but a lie), and then when it is most expedient for them, they change the narrative totally to tell us some other contradictory thing (which probably is again another lie).

Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us?

Their lies

  1. They said that if you take the vaccine, then you will not get Covid.
  2. They said that if you have your vaccines (now multiple ones), that you will stop the spread of Covid.
  3. They said that with the vaccines, you will be better off health-wise, never getting the disease, or getting a less powerful version of it.

So none of this is true. What was offered to us as a “Covid vaccine” is not technically a vaccine. The production of this type of fax-vaccine has dangerous side effects, but that was not brought out, and any talk of that is “misinformation” even now.

Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? So the question remains, does Covid vaccines help or hinder our health.

Their Prevention of Cautious Health Practices

Moreover, the powers that be under Biden and Biden prevented the general population with treatment for the Covid disease. Treatment that is perfectly safe for human use, and one of these treatments even received the Noble Peace prize for its stability and safety. Now Ivermectin is illegal to use. It is going to get you in trouble to even discuss its use. It is branded as a medicine for animals even though it has years of studied and proven use for human parasite diseases. Why?

The real reason is because somebody in power now is making a narrative instead of waiting cautiously for the truth, or searching for proven studies that actually deal with science and facts. This bodes ill for all Americans, and as America goes, so goes the world. Funny isn’t it? America is supposedly nothing, yet when America goes into a recession and financial troubles, the whole world follows us. Nobody can fend off an economic downturn if America goes down the drain first.

Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us? So the question remains, does Covid vaccines help or hinder our health.

Weren’t we getting Covid Vaccines to Protect us?

The whole purpose of a vaccine is to prevent us from getting the disease. Years ago I was going to visit Mexico, and somebody told me to “get my vaccines”. At that point HIV/AIDS was raging the world, (I am a Christian so I don’t have sex until marriage, and I was single at the time), so they insisted that I get a HIV vaccine. A medical doctor’s advice was given to me that there is always a slight chance that you can get the actual disease from the vaccine, and in most cases (like seasonal flu) that risk is slight. In the case of AIDS, that risk is more than I was willing to take. Note that since the government has hyped COVID as a killer disease, then the same thing should apply, i.e. don’t take the vaccine. Government guys, you cannot have it both ways. If COVID is as deadly as AIDS, then nobody should be taking the vaccine. If it is a bad flu, then let people decide on their own to take the vaccine or not.


As medical research results are finally coming out, not everything that the US government was saying was in fact “medical.” Aren’t doctors supposed to be cautious and not jump to conclusions but study science and the human body and diseases and after things are concluded through clinical studies that are supposed to be reliable, then make cautious conclusions and advance slowly?

The truth of the matter is that the great error here is that “government” dictated to medical people what the medicine and science is rather than the other way around. Whether Trump is also to blame here is because he followed years of presidents and the medical scene rather than truly investigating and until conclusions can safely be made, let people and their individual doctors make individual personal decisions. The raging wokeness and government overreach compromised the entire medical establishment in all of this.

But what are the repercussions? Nobody can trust any medical person any more. This is a sorry situation, and all of it because government people want more control over us.

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