The Homelessness Problem

The Homelessness Problem is an opinion piece by David Cox on the blight of homelessness in our modern society.

Defining what is Homelessness

A homeless person is not a person looking for a new place to live. To understand the homeless, you have to understand the culture of living in the street. But let’s look at the opposite first. A normal person who lives in a house either owns that house or pay rent. He has a lot of his energy and life invested in that piece of real estate, so he likewise invests a lot of his energy and time in taking care of the place where he lives. He cuts the grass, paints it, repairs it, changes the shingles, etc. All of that either is done by the home owner or he pays somebody to do it for him.

Then there are other things. A home owner has to pay property taxes, and this is where many cities and states gouge the poor home owner in ways to finance the dream world politicians want, but don’t want to personally pay for. Then there are risks like fire or flood, so there is a lot of insurance. Break-ins and vandalism, so you need security surveillance and weapons, as well as fences and locks on the doors and windows as well as security alarms.

A home represents a lot of commitment and most of all, commitment of one’s life for it. It costs a lot to own a home.

Those that rent are willing to pass the true owner extra money in the form of rent in order to avoid this attention by themselves. If something is broke and the owner doesn’t fix it, at the end of the contract the renter finds another place to rent.

Homeless people avoid all of this. They sleep wherever they can, and mostly look for places that have a mild climate year round like California. So in a way, homeless people are lazy. They are stingy. Whatever income they have, they don’t want to spend it “on a place to sleep”. Parks, under bridges, and now even sidewalks are easily a good place to sleep instead of all of that commitment.

But the commitment that people put into their homes and apartments are what make them stable. The sheer power of having to pay rent or a mortgage every month means that they will put up with a lot of stuff at work because “they have to do so”. Homeless people are mobile. They can move from city to city without worrying about these kinds of things.

Addictions and the Homeless

Many drug and alcohol addicted people end up homeless. Their addictions forces them to spend ALL OF THEIR MONEY on it, so they don’t have money for anything else. Many homeless people have a hard time even eating regularly. That is because their addiction soaks up all of their funds, what little they can muster.

But there is a profile for a homeless person. Usually, not always, they are living in a baser form in comparison to people with jobs and homes. No matter how you look at this, they made a choice for their life. It was a bad choice. They live off of the generosity of other people, and that usually looks like very little money in the gifts that people give them.

See article Roughly 20% of Shootings in Seattle Take Place Close to Homeless Encampments

When people don’t have money and either their addictions or their real needs press hard on them, they turn to crime. This is part of the profile of the homeless.

It is truly amazing to see the homeless in California have netflix accounts. How does a homeless person do that? They have a telephone. That is how. But when they get money (from the government) then you see how many of them spend that money. 1) Nobody needs a phone. It is nice to have one, but nobody absolutely has to have one. 2) Food and lodging should come before entertainment. But their laziness is what really makes their profile. The homeless rarely can hold down a job for their element in their character.

But their are active people who are now homeless

IN California, the Democrats are in charge. They want people to be homeless. Homelessness feeds into the Democrat line that the government provides everything for the people, so the people need to just be obedient. This is be obedient to the Democrat politicians that are giving away as much of the taxpayer’s money as they can. The Democrats see these give-aways as campaigning for the Democrat party.

Therefore, house prices are extremely high, the cost of living for a home owner in California is extremely intensive, and most importantly, very time and energy consuming. That is how they want them. Therefore the laws in California defend the homeless’ rights. Huh? They have rights? Yes, because the law is that if they want to set up a tent on your front lawn, they can do so, and instantly they cannot be driven off. That is unless it is on the lawn of some Democrat politician or donor. Then the police ignore these rights and throw them off without any courtesy.

It is estimated that there are 150 million homeless people in the world today, and if you include people with inadequate housing the number swells to 1.6 billion. California has an estimate 129,000 homeless alone. See here.

Homeless People are Dirty

Duh? Of course they are. There are no public bathrooms where you can actually “bathe”. But the issue is still very important. It is one thing if you don’t want to take a bath but once a year, but you live in a society where other people don’t like the smell of somebody who is not regularly bathing. That is the issue. Just like restaurants that have signs saying “no shirt or no shores no service”, it is for their regular customers that comply with some minimum standards of cleanliness before they enter a public place with other people. You see homeless people are often leaning strongly into narcissism, where only their own interest in themselves is what is seen in them.

So a homeless person gets a few dollars and goes into a hamburger shop and stands in line and orders something, he brings his homeless into that place for all the other customers to smell. That becomes an offense to society.

Equally, in many homeless areas in California the homeless use the bathroom on the sidewalk where people walk. Their lack of facilities becomes an infection center for everybody. That is one reason why people have a house or apartment, in order to use the bathroom and bathe themselves. Their choice becomes a health factor infecting other people who are committed to work and home.

California’s solution? A poop hotline where people can report poop on the sidewalk and the city can pay people to go and clean up the mess. Does this seem ridiculous to you? There were laws in all cities and states at one time against using the bathroom in public. Why don’t they enforce these laws in California or return to them? Eliminate the problem at its source.

Why People are Homeless

As I have touched on this above, most homeless people are homeless by choice. They have a psychological makeup in which they prefer to enjoy life rather than work. They are lazy. They often have addictions. They make very bad choices in life, seeing life as only immediate gratification, and they do not usually plan for the future, and rarely save for a future need.

So the personality of the homeless is basically their problem, not the lack of a house or apartment. Anybody that is focused enough to get a job and manages the income from that job, most probably can live in a house or apartment. If the cost is too excessive, like in California, you simply move to another place where living is accessible.

But the issue is decisions. The government sees homelessness as a plus for their political party, and they really could care less about the conditions of these people. That is seen clearly in the city and state governments not providing policemen and medical personnel at the homeless camps. Somehow the government side steps responsibility on these essential issues. How convenient.

The Solution to Homelessness

There simply is no solution to this issue unless you enter upon morality. It is the moral beliefs and practices of people with jobs and homes that make them strongly take hold of their lives and put things in order so that they can live somehow in a good way. No government group or individual wants to deal with morality, simply because they are not moral people. Much more than not being moral, they are not going to push morality on others.

But the solution can be found in religion, morality.

It is comical to see California government politicians putting up tiny houses for the homeless. These houses are about 6 feet by 9 feet total square footage. But when they do this on a very small scale, the same issues with regular home owners come into play. The homeless destroy “their free tiny house” and many of their neighbors. So again, the issue is not real estate, although the average cost of a home being $500,000 with today’s deflated wages is unbelievable. But the issue is a moral problem with the homeless.

The sad truth of the homeless problem is that homeless people are either 1) extremely poor, 2) addicts of some kind that drain their financial resources in something other than food, clothes, housing, etc. soak up all funds so that they have to live on the street, 3) people are so messed up in the head that they don’t have priorities and spend their money correctly. This phenomenon is often seen in “Third World countries” The Democrats are making America into a Third World country. For those who voted against these politicians, good work. For those who voted and still are voting these politicians into office year after year, I hope you are enjoying what disaster you have caused in other people’s lives. YOU ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!

The Homelessness Problem

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