The Family the Foundation of Our Society

The Family the Foundation of Our Society is a reaction from me as pastor to an article calling for the destruction of the family.

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I find it no surprise that the liberals out there are trying to achieve a total failure and destruction of anything that looks like a normal biblical family. Therefore, let’s start with an overview of what the Bible presents as “family”. The foundation here is that 1) we are in a spiritual with our own fleshly lusts (which are against God’s will for our lives) and Satan. 2) God has seen our plight and “fixed it” with salvation in Jesus Christ, his work on the cross, our own repentance for our sins and walking in the justice of God.

What is a family?

Similar to the stupid question presented a few months back (what is a woman? nobody can tell). God only presents humanity in two genders, male and female. Those who would presume to be some other gender are called perverts. This is found in the definition of the concept of “fornication” as well as “homosexual” which have seen the only alternatives are male and female, and they reject God’s authority over them, so they are chickens, rocks, or bridges, or whatever else they can in perversion think up.

Males are to dominate

There are two genders, and the male is to be dominate and protect and provide for his family (1Tim 5:8). If you don’t like what God has done, then take it up with God after you die. See how that (rebelling against God) goes for you. Today we want to judge God, but reality is that things are exactly the opposite, and one day, God will judge us.

Females are to be submissive. I find it extremely interesting how within the Trinity all three persons of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) are completely equal as God, yet two are submissive to the Father. There can be submission and equality. News flash! Women are not equal to men! No, women are more precious and fragile than men and men are to keep women out of places of danger, taking the hard work aspect off of their shoulders.

God’s love is seen in the nuclear family

The trinity is the key to understanding an awful lot of things in life and the Bible. God exists as a single God, yet in three persons. It has to be that way, and God cannot exist in 2 or 4 or more persons, but three. The reason for that is simply because according to 1 John 4:8, God is love. God defines himself as the action of love. Satan perverts biblical love to be something else, or he simply denies it altogether. Satan is an egotist, a narcissist. He is only really interested in himself.

Self love is a sin. Biblical love is my sacrifice for your benefit. This is a spiritual action. Love is not something “you fall into” nor do you “fall out of love”. It is an action of the will. Husbands love your wives. It is by the action of their wills in obedience to God that they comply. It is not a matter decided and done by their emotions, but by their will. It is essentially a spiritual action of worship of the God of love, the true God of the Bible. Your thoughts in biblical love is in making somebody else’s life better, more enjoyable, safe from dangers.

If God is love, and He is, then to have love, you must have three things, or people. A person who initiates the love (the Father), the person receiving the love (the Son), and something spiritual that is communicated between the other two persons. That is love.

In almost every family in every culture, love exists. We don’t really understand it very well, but we know it when we experience it. Satan doesn’t want us to experience true selfless love from anyone, because our soul will long for that same love with God. So Satan makes “families” out of junkies, prostitutes, homosexuals, and trans “parents”.

This is nothing surprising coming from Satan. The surprising thing is how much our world is accepting everything Satan says, and denying their own experiences that true love is good.

Parents are responsible for their children

One of the essential elements in this paradigm is that God gives children to parents (one man and one woman married to each other). The parents have the obligation and right before God and man to train, control, indoctrinate, and other orientate their children in all matters of life and morality. This is especially essential sexual matters. Rape by the child of a couple comes back on the parents and they must respond for that actions of their under age child. In any other area of legal concern, whatever damage a child does, the parents have to respond for them.

Recently I saw a video where the woman said that we are used to saying, “my child”. She says that is wrong. That is predicated on the concept that I explained above. She says that YOUR child is OUR responsibility, there you really have no part in their education or indoctrination. Society (as she defines it) is to control what morals and points of view your child is to have. This is exactly what Satan wants. The destruction of the normal family. (Not that the normal family is seen very much anymore anyway!)

How this immorality is being employed in our day

Do not think that this is really new. There have been attempts to curb normal families for some time now. The first and greatest harm is that parents are no longer religious, and they teach that to their children. Going to church to learn how to live is just not done anymore. Morality is not a concern of parents, not for their own lives, nor for the lives of their children. The moral morass we see today in society is very much a product of this attitude. Parents have no idea of what sacrificing your own desires in order to make your marriage good is. Divorce is more of a common event today that a couple that lives together in harmony and love until death. Remarriage just repeats the errors of the first marriage.

If we can understand the narcissism of Satan, we see this same moral character repeated in couple after couple, and the results are always the same, disaster.

Secondly, there is great harm in

The Family the Foundation of Our Society

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