How serious is Covid Omicron?

How serious is Covid Omicron? is an observation and thoughts on the news that 70% of Covid cases are Omicron and no deaths in the US.

The Omicron variant of the COVID virus appears to spread more easily than either the Wuhan or Delta mutations but also seems to be far less lethal. Despite CDC estimates that over 70 percent of the infections in the US today are from Omicron, there has yet to be a single death attributed to Omicron. In the UK, where the Omicron variant has been around longer, it has been blamed for only twelve deaths.

From Prevention to Treatment

Monoclonal antibodies, which Trump was castigated for touting, are proving to be an effective treatment… We gave the Biden Administration $1.9 trillion for COVID relief but somehow, we don’t have the money for monoclonal antibodies.

Covid: Forget The Masks; Make Antibodies

So the Covid virus has morphed into the Omicron version of itself, and this is now 70% of all Covid cases. So why are we required to do all this testing? With no US deaths (England has had it longer than the US and the UK only has 12 deaths). So truly this Covid disease has developed into a mild yearly flu disease. At what point do we stop making it out to be a plague? At what point do we stop masking, stop Covid testing, and stop requiring things in order to live normally again?

While the Omicron variant is still a serious flu, and it is more highly infectious than the other variants, it is not as deadly as the other variants. Can this variant (if resisted like a normal year’s flu) protect a person from all Covid variants? That is not known at this point. But what we see is widespread cases of this variant, less hospitalizations than what we saw with the first variants, and almost no deaths. Many or most of those with Omicron are getting well at home.

It would seem that Omicron attacks its host even if he or she is fully vaccinated and has the booster shots. So those vax do not prevent a person from getting Omicron. The fact of the matter is, we have fully lost what a vaccination is. In other diseases, a vaccination is the dead virus protein cells that prevent the person from getting the disease. What is being sold as a vaccination just is not. It is a vitamin shot to help blunt the impact of the disease and no more.

So the number of people getting Covid is going to go up, but the actual lethality of those cases are not going to be anything like what we saw before. It is more on par with the yearly flu it would seem. What has happened really is that the Omicron variant of Covid has overtaken and displaced the more dangerous Delta variant. That is actually good.

From India

Though India is witnessing a rapid increase in cases, doctors are saying that people are largely witnessing only mild symptoms like sore throat, fatigue, headache, bodyache and moderate fever. Moreover, according to Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain, 81% of the sequenced Omicron samples were at AIIMS Delhi, and here, no patient was found to have developed pneumonia as a result of COVID-19. In fact, no patient here needed oxygen therapy or ventilator support solely as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 infection, the report added… it also corroborates with multiple global studies released recently that stated that the Omicron variant did not, at least in early studies, seem to impact the lungs and primarily affects only the nose, throat and windpipe. —Omicron variant: Why this less severe COVID-19 variant is still very dangerous

If there is a political party or individuals or the CDC or anybody else that is using this disease in order to continue their asserted and illicitly gotten power, we need to order them to stop. This is not endangering the general population but releasing them from a kind of slavery that has been imposed on them.

How serious is Covid Omicron?

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