How serious is Covid Omicron?

How serious is Covid Omicron? is an observation and thoughts on the news that 70% of Covid cases are Omicron and no deaths in the US.

The Omicron variant of the COVID virus appears to spread more easily than either the Wuhan or Delta mutations but also seems to be far less lethal. Despite CDC estimates that over 70 percent of the infections in the US today are from Omicron, there has yet to be a single death attributed to Omicron. In the UK, where the Omicron variant has been around longer, it has been blamed for only twelve deaths.

From Prevention to Treatment

Monoclonal antibodies, which Trump was castigated for touting, are proving to be an effective treatment… We gave the Biden Administration $1.9 trillion for COVID relief but somehow, we don’t have the money for monoclonal antibodies.

Covid: Forget The Masks; Make Antibodies

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