Gates Depopulation by Covid Vaccinations

Gates Depopulation by Covid Vaccinations. Bill Gates has expressed his solution  to world problems by saying that he is hoping that the current Covid vaccinations will kill many people. This present article is a review of the article

Bill Gates: “Vaccines are “Best Way” to Depopulate

Please note that I do not like to report on this because it sounds too fantastic to believe. So whether it is so or not, I will let you read throw the article and check out the links to decide for yourself. But crazy stuff like this does exist although an organized worldwide conspiracy is hard to believe, evil men do exist and some of these do crazy extreme things. Hitler had concentration camps that extinguished many lives because the Nazis thought these people didn’t serve the Nazi purposes, and therefore the lives were worthless.

Bill Gates thinking (and actions) causes a sane person to wonder and be aware of what could happen if this crazy Gates achieves what he wants.

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