Exposé of Anthony Fauci

Exposé of Anthony Fauci is a video about how our medical system has been corrupted to produce money for the individuals and groups within it, but not to serve our country.

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Exposé of Anthony Fauci

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The Solution is Preaching
Preaching is central in how God communicates to us. Preaching solves our spiritual problems and brings blessings. But preaching has to be actually reading and explaining the Word of God, exhorting and motivating others to obey God.
Topics: What many people think | What is a church? | What makes a Church Function? | The Focus on Preaching | Harmony and Fellowship are Dependent on "Like Mindedness" | Convincing everybody to Think the Same Way | Is it good that everybody thinks the same way? No. | Deference, or giving others the Preference.
Excerpt: Preaching fixes in us an understanding that causes faith. Faith changes our lives and brings us into conformity with the will of God. The Word of God fixes our problems and sets our lives straight in the sight of God.
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