The Messianic Character of Government

The Messianic Character of Government is a study on how government seeks to become the “savior” of its people and the world. When I was working on my Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision, for one of the courses, Philosophy of Education, we had to read a book called something like “The Messianic Character of Public Education in America” which I believe it was by a Rushdoony. It has been 35+ years now, and I don’t remember the exact title, but I remember well the proposition of the book. American public education has taken the role of savior in their outlook and objectives. Simply put, the American child is in a life threatening position, and it is America public education that is going to save that child. Continue reading

Diligence versus laziness

Diligence versus laziness is a Bible study on diligence and industry versus laziness as it applies to government and their handouts to people. We will look at God’s principles of diligence versus laziness. Also we will study its application to government and their relationship to their people.

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How hard work relates to our expectations from government

How hard work relates to our expectations from government, because a healthy attitude towards work prevents us from becoming slaves to government give-aways. Most people hate to work, working hard or otherwise. They see work as a means to an end, getting what they want in this life. But this is the wrong attitude. God made us to work. Since the fall of Adam, the curse of the “ye shall live by sweat of your brow” has been on us all. But before the fall, God gave Adam tasks to tend to even though he was “in paradise”. Work is necessary. Our bodies become mush if we sit around all day and do nothing.

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Errors in Democratic Strategy Immigration

Errors in Democratic Strategy Immigration is an opinion by David Cox on why the Democrat strategy on immigration is flawed and dangerous to all Americans. The errors on the Democrat party are many and grave.

The link below will explain everything about why Democrats are wanting to open the immigration doors to the US and floor the US with immigrants.
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Is White Supremacy Valid, Right?

Is White Supremacy Valid, Right? is an opinion by David Cox clarifying the difference between White Supremacy (like KKK, Arian nation, etc) versus the color of skin you were born with.

Author note: I in no way defend or approve of White Supremacist movements or positions such as KKK, Arian Nation, Nazism, etc. I denounce all of these. I am a white male. I do not denounce all whites. We have as much right to live and enjoy life as any other group. Being white is not the same as defending white supremacy. They are as different as night and day. Please do not conclude, assume, or jump in to condemn me because of my skin color. Give me a break!

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