Can Immigrants Vote in our Federal Elections

Can Immigrants Vote in our Federal Elections examines immigrants voting in our Federal Elections and Joe Bidens actions for Open Borders.

There seems to be some confusion on the issue of illegal aliens voting in our elections. I am no expert at this, but the law seems to be clear if you read it.

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Analyzing for Illegal Ballots

Analyzing for Illegal Ballots is an article with  an technology expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, who explains how, with access to the physical ballots and the digital ballots in their native, unencrypted format, his team can process millions of ballots per day and determine conclusively which ballots are illegitimate.

The process of analyzing doubtful ballots is well established. Unfortunately, none of those laws and rules were followed, but the Democrats insist that the election was perfect. It was. Perfect them to do a steal of the election.

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China owns DOMINION Voting Machines

China owns DOMINION Voting machines, and controls all the officials who run the machines at every level of US government. You think they will give Trump a fair shake and not help out “their boy” Biden?

So my question is simply, why do we (America) allow one of our enemies to be the providers of our voting machines? Why cannot we make a law that the apparatus of doing an election be using voting machines that are 100% American made and sustained, free from any political party? Make the owners and investors of said company 50% Democrats and 50% Republicans. Is that so hard in order to keep our elections pure?

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Another Election More Fraud

Another Election More Fraud is a reflection on how election fraud is either the truth or in itself breaking the laws for denying the election results.

See also Who Denies Election Results?

  • This post from the reviews how denying election results is a time worn common history in the history of the United States. Since most of these are Democrats losing an election, it is highly ironic and hypocrisy to hear them complain about Trump.

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