Biden traps Americans in Afghanistan

Biden traps Americans in Afghanistan is an article about Biden’s actions (inactions, or poor, inept actions) causing Americans to be trapped in the clutches of the Taliban. The situation in Afghanistan under the direction of President Biden is truly embarrassing for the United States.


What is happening is a combination of factors, first of all, the Taliban are gobbling up everything the United States concedes. That is predictable. Secondly, the withdrawal is poorly planned. Nobody has control over the withdrawal except the United States. They are the dominant military force in the region, and they can reassert their force at any time. The fact that they are not doing so means they are weak (this is not so) or they have no will to do so. This is the problem, there is no political will to assert themselves.

Forever Democrat Wars

One of the elements of President Trump’s presidency was to end these endless wars. They are not “endless” because we like them, but they are entanglements that are very difficult to sort out. Joe has no mental ability to figure this out, and moreover, he has a hearing problem. He only “hears” what the Democratic machinery wants him to hear. He does not evaluate situations presented to him on the basis of good or evil, advantageous to the US or not, etc. He evaluates on the basis of how it will keep the Democrat party in power or reflect on that.

Democrats are not governing for the Good of America

What is true and very visible over the last few years is that the Democrats just do not have the good of the country in their desires and goals. The only good they see or can understand is what keeps them in power, and because of this, they should lose all say in government. Even the moderate Democrats have “drug their feet” in going along with the Green agenda and other crazy ideas. But they have been overrun in recent years, and they just go along with the Democrat machine.

What Biden has done

We need to keep things clear here. Donald Trump had nothing to do with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Whatever he had in place was with the understanding that he was to be the next president, and losing that election, it is extremely doubtful that he did lose it by the way, but losing that election, Biden had every chance to change the withdrawal situation. Biden could have changed his mind even and kept the troops in there.

But why could Biden make all those executive orders the first day as president, and he yet the arrangements of the withdrawal he couldn’t change anything? They are saying that Biden accepted Trump’s Afghanistan withdrawal plan, and it went wrong. But if Trump was still in office, the Taliban wouldn’t be treading all over America’s image today. They would be scared of Trump, and the Afghanistan army that America was supporting and helping would have stood against the Taliban.

The US military withdrawal coupled with Biden’s low aggressiveness and lying ways (nobody takes him serious because he breaks his word and changes his mind so much, well his mind is just not stable) then these things make other enemy nations walk all over America.

Joe Biden is the Problem of all of this

Going beyond the typical political hack rhetoric of one party against the other, Joe Biden is the base problem here. In his personality and words, he is a wimp. All our enemies are watching America and Joe Biden. They know that besides being a wimp, he is finding it difficult to just remember where he is.

Presidential Authority versus Proxy Authority

When the president is not who calls the shots and makes the final decisions, we have a proxy authority through a puppet. That is really, really bad. That is because it makes no difference what happens, the president is not personally engaging in his decisions. He does what he is total, then gets mad because his handlers told him to do stuff that didn’t work out. So Biden argues with them. They blame Donald Trump, they blame the Republicans, but they don’t take the responsibility.

Since Biden has surrendered the decision-making to others in his party, he is taking the blame for all of this when they made the decisions for him. He cannot publicly blame Pelosi or Shummer because that would divulge that he is a puppet. So he has to sit there and take the responsibility for this bad decision.

Americans and Pro American Afghans are trapped in Afghanistan

Biden traps Americans in Afghanistan.

The problem here is that this could have been avoided if the people making these decisions actually had listened to good advice. They are not obviously. These decision makers are not in these briefings that they give to Biden. They can only read about them or have Biden tell them what they said. But they are just not listening to begin with. They don’t care. They want to conserve Democrat power and that is all that they are doing.

Since it is probable that Shummer and Pelosi are directing Biden what to do, he cannot get mad at them.

There US soldiers in Afghanistan, as well as State Department people, civilian US contractors, and a lot of Afghans that are pro-US that will be tortured and killed once the Taliban takes over completely. Whatever promises of safety for these people will evaporate once they are in total control of things. They are almost there.

The evacuation is a mess

So Joe Biden’s actions betrayed these people. To add insult to injury, they are not evacuating these people in any kind of orderly and correct manner. In the turmoil of war, they have to get on the Internet and file a US government form in order to be evacuated. I cannot even get on the Internet to get a tax form, so how is this any better? Considering the situation and the Democrats constant messing up when using the Internet, A.K.A. when Obamacare was enrolling people on their site and it went down constantly, I can image what trying to get on the website and fill out that form and fill it must be like. But this is just wrong all around.

The least that Biden should do is to send in about 50 commercial airliners and take everybody at the airport to a neutral third country and sort this out there with US State Department people. If they shouldn’t have been evacuated, let them go wherever want to go or whatever country can enter. Otherwise ship them all to the US pronto quick. Instead of 5,000 or 6,000 soldiers how about 50,000 and they destroy all the equipment that they are not able to get out. Or how about getting that out as a priority. Democrats always squander the taxpayers money it seems. Then they cry that they need more money, and raise taxes.

Biden traps Americans in Afghanistan – Lessons to Learn from the Loss of Afghanistan

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