Shadow Police are what Democrats want

Shadow Police are what Democrats want is an opinion about inefficient police.

Who am I, David Cox?

I am a missionary living in Mexico City since 1986. I have observed and compared my life in Mexico to what I remember of my life in the United States, where I grew up.

Let me talk about life in Mexico. Actually, we have had up to 5 different people in our local church here that were on the police (both local and at the federal level) over the years. Most I believe to be sincere in their spiritual life as well as their professional lives as police.

But the norm here in Mexico is that these police at all levels are basically worthless. If you hit another car or they hit you, both drivers get out and talk about who was at fault, exchange personal information, usually wait for their insurance adjusters to arrive, settle things or throw it all on their insurance companies, and then leave. There can be an immediate settlement on the spot.

One time I was distracted by a line of people on the sidewalk and accidentally hit an old volkswagon. I got out, looked over the damages, I confessed I was totally at fault and could we settle this without our insurance companies getting involved. I had insurance, but after any accident your premium goes up, and I pay the deductible, they would probably not cover any of the damages, i.e. the damages are below the threshhold of my deductible.

The Volkswagon bug was dented, but he was apparently taking the existing dents out, putting bondo over any imperfections, and it still hadn’t been painted from his repairs before the accident. He wanted $20 US dollars. I gave it to him, and in 15 minutes we were both on our ways, and both happy.

But usually when a police cruiser shows up, they will take your driver’s licenses and not return them to you until you pay them for their time. That happened in another accident when I first arrived in Mexico and didn’t know any better than let them take your papers and license.

In another occasion, some people in street in front of our house had a gang fight (but one side had a 60 some year old woman, and her parents, and they were beating some poor guy with a brick). I called 911, reported it and the police never showed. The next day we found out the man died on the way to the hospital, and some 2 other neighbors also called the police while it has happening.

I related the tale to one of the policemen in our church, and he said if it sounds like it is going to be dangerous, most of the time they just don’t show up.

Over time, I realize that the policeman’s pay is below minimum wage, and besides not having working weapons, nor many police cruisers even work (a police tow truck hauls them into a prominent crossroads and leaves it with the lights on, but the engine won’t crank).

Shadow Police are what Democrats want

So what does that have to do with the United States police?

What are shadow police?

I have traveled a lot in my life. One time I was going down a country road, and as I watched the nice houses, farmhouses on this road I saw shadow people. These are tin metal cutouts that are in the form of a man watching, a pretty girl, and a man with a rifle pointing it somewhere. All of these are cut out of tin or some wood or something and painted black. At night or under low lighting, these things scare people who are out to steal things. Although they don’t move, thieves have a hard time with them. But in reality, they scare but not for much. And as far as actually stopping a thief who breaks down your door, they are worthless.

I noted along the roads in Mexico a police cruiser the same way. Made out of plywood, and two stakes in the ground to hold them up, they are painted to look like a police car with a policeman in it, but it is worthy.

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This problem between the Democrats and police is not an isolated nor unimportant point. In their thinking (the liberal mind), police represent authority. This authority is based in the established laws of the land. The liberal mind is not subject to these laws, because, well, they are better than these laws. Thus we have Nancy Pelosi forbidding people from walking around in the middle of the Covid pandemic, but she is caught in a San Francisco airport with no mask. The “laws of the land” are really for the subjects not the dictators.

So no “normal person” can have a gun to protect themselves, but every liberal has security people (usually paid for by the taxpayer) that are heavily armed to the teeth.

Slowly, this same mindset is setting in America. The only people who will tolerate this set up are those people who want a paycheck but not risk their own lives. Thus, real policemen who we should honor are fleeing the Democrat strongholds and going to Republican states that back, fund, and defend their policemen.

If you are in a heavily Republic state or city, you are good. But if you are in a Democrat stronghold, you better not live in a bad neighbor, go out after dark, or have or show anything like a rich house, a nice car, etc. Because this shadow police will make your like sting.

Another take on this

In a conversation I had with a Mexican police officer friend, he told me that the elders of the city struck a deal with the mafia here to stop the run amuck kidnapping. In exchange for the mafia using their eyes and ears everywhere (they sell drugs and don’t want drug dealers from other areas moving into their territory), they would immediately report the people and their locations if they kidnapped somebody. What did they want in exchange for this? Get rid of the real police and leave police that were basically lazy and that would not pose a threat to the mafia’s interests.

As a result of this, they city elders of Mexico City reduced the number of policemen when crime was skyrocketing. This is hard to even make up. These people are crooked. The welfare of the people never enters their thinking unless somehow they can make money off of it.

Shadow Police are what Democrats want

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