United States Immigration (and Illegals)

United States Immigration (and Illegals) is an opinion piece on some of my thoughts on immigration going on in the United States at the moment.

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United States Immigration (and Illegals)

Apparently, President Biden is opening the doors wide open for foreigners to come to the United States to become citizens. The Democrat party apparently wants to fast track them for citizenship and to become voters. Since the Democrat party is the party that pushes government assistance, they basically want a package of money, free or reduced housing, and jobs for them as they arrive. All of this in order to persuade them to vote Democrat.

Where these foreigners are coming from

I do not have statistics on this at hand, but I have seen them. Basically, President Biden does not want Cubans, Venezuelans, or people from some Communist country, because these foreigners tend to vote Republican seeing the similarity between Communism and their former country. The case of not allow Jamaicans is strange. Statistics show that Jamaicans tend to work very hard, stick together, and they don’t get involved in politics. If you study the conditions of their country, they are very poor, and they thoroughly enjoy America.

But my observation is a parallel to what modern Democrats have seen with the black community. Once the darling of the Democrat party, the blacks all voted for the Democrats while the US government was giving out a lot of public assistance to them. Once they “make it”, or get on their feet financially, they tend to switch to Republicans, because their real condition is no better after 30 years of Democrat government over them.

With time, the Democrats are equally going to become disenfranchised with foreigners. It has already begun with the Hispanic community as they start to switch over to become Republicans. It is a poor reason to only let foreigners into this country to get their vote. Likewise it is highly dangerous to let so many in as to affect the majority (both Democrats and Republicans in their own parties).

There is a process for coming to this country

With the founding of America, there was a process for becoming a US Citizen. What we are seeing is simply the government not following this process. The Democrats are not giving citizenship to foreigners at this time, but simply helping them become illegal workers in the US, which again puts them under the Democrat thumb because they are not citizens and can be deported at any time the Democrat party winds change their direction. Democrats like to see these foreigners “in limbo”, neither legal visitors nor workers, nor citizens nor on a path towards citizenship. If they wanted these foreigners to become citizens, why don’t they make more immigration judges and raise the limits on incoming citizens? Their methods betray their purpose. They want illegals in the country.

Immigration and Naturalization are the purpose of new people coming into the country, and the founders basically saw all foreigners becoming Americans. While they all held some of their old traditions, all of them were to become Americans involved in our culture, language, and heritage. But the Democrats are destroying “our heritage” by attacking it. So what is to be left except a bunch of different segregated cultures in America. This is outrage of what is going on. There is no unity. There is no rallying around the point that America is the best country in the world, enjoy it, support it, keep it great!

Note: If these foreigners’ former country was so good, why didn’t they stay back there?

A Comparison with Germany

When we understand what the elites in government are using mass immigration for, then we unlock what our attitude should be and how to deal with it.

First of all, note that almost every single country in the world has a policy towards foreigners entering and staying in their country. Japan comes to mind. They simply don’t want foreigners. There is no racism in this, that is simply their preference. They have very, very high incomes for their people and allowing foreigners to come into their country and work will simply plunge the incomes through the floorboards. But they have a policy, and they make few exceptions, but I am sure that there are foreigners living and working in their country.

But let’s be very clear here. The issue of immigration in our world today is not about people legally entering another country, but illegally entering in order to take advantage of the life style in that country (which is always better than where they are coming from). The key issue here is to get economic gain by working in the other country. It would seem that only the United States is so stupid as to give away public assistance funds (meant for their own citizens) to foreign illegals. But that seems to be the push in the U.S.

Now Germany. Read this article, Mass Migration is Depressing German Workers’ Wages

Germany is noting publicly that illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from German citizens. YEA! That is why these people come into their country. The key thing I took away from this article is the “surprising” discovery that foreign immigrants work real jobs, and this in itself takes away job opportunities from German citizens, depresses the overall job market and salaries. Well, isn’t that an amazing “discovery”? Yes that is what is at work in the United States also.

I stop here to reflect for a moment. Many people who are well off economic “go on vacation” visiting other countries. This is not what we are talking about. These people are looking for economic benefits from moving into another country to live and work. But isn’t there a LEGAL to do this? Absolutely. So why don’t they go through legal channels? First, many have tried and for whatever reason the government’s immigration department doesn’t want to give them the permissions. Secondly, these illegals are not interested in really “JOINING” that country, they want economic benefit. The more legal that they are, the more these foreigners are going to be called upon to shoulder the economic burdens of taxes. To truly participate with that country economically.

Many countries have heavy taxes for social programs so that the political parties behind this scheme get favor with voters to stay in power. They use the taxpayer to essentially “fund” their foolishness. Foreigners want to make money, not lose it. So they foreigners want to “fall through the cracks” of that society, benefiting from the work situation, but not being under the tax burden like any ordinary citizen. Most countries make businesses, well, perhaps we should say “FORCE” businesses to register what they pay their employees just to stop this “slipping through the cracks” thing with whomever may be trying to do so.

But it is very curious that these political parties are all in for open borders, but they are not so interested in these foreigners being citizens. That is because if any country allows 1 million people from say Mongolia into their country as citizens, then maybe these new citizens will establish their own political party and the game gets nasty at that point.

Again, the United States seems to be the extreme example of stupidity. Joe Biden has practiced an open borders policy for two years now, and he has let in not 1 million illegals, but 5 million. Democrats are now pushing for letting all illegals vote. What happened to the process? In the U.S., the immigration process requires a very rudimentary understanding of how our political system works, supposed not slanted to any political party in particular. (My wife is in that process at the process, and helping her for her test, I did not see ANYTHING that was partisan at all. Miracle!)

But why do the Democrats push for opening the borders, and they have all the controls of government, the Presidency, both house of Congress, and yet again, they pass through the years with them in control, and they never good on their promises of amnesty? Why? Because they don’t want the illegals to be real American citizens. They want them to be beggars looking to the hand out and give-aways party of the Democrats.

We must keep some things straight in our minds…

First of all, the United States doesn’t take an absolutely strict exclusionist position on immigration like Japan. The United States policy allows a “normal” immigration of foreigner into our country. The government powers that be in Congress has over the years set the goal for those they allow into the country.

Secondly, immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are a very strong influence on jobs as well as salaries. The more that come in legally or illegally, the more depressed the US job market and salaries become. You need to understand this. Businesses exist to make a profit. When they do not, they simply go away. They go bankrupt and out of business, they no longer make any profit at all. While many people want to demonize profit and businesses as evil, these same businesses provide jobs to people.

The movement in the United States has been to 1) export the jobs to places like India so that their people get the benefit of a job, but the actual business pays a minimal salary to these foreigners. 2) allow work visas to millions of people that come in and displace American citizens. Here this gets even “stickier”. The illegals and legals that the U.S. allows into the country eventually become citizens. Once they become a citizen, their view of work changes.

To put it simply, once legal, they are Americans, and they take a very dim view of more foreigners coming into the U.S. like they did. The newly naturalized citizens DON’T WANT OPEN BORDERS. So the Democrat master plan goes into disarray. They think that all people of foreign origin want open borders. Absolutely no! They want to get in and then shut the door behind them. They take great offense and get very angry that because they skin is brown they should be making half of what a white person makes. But that is what businesses practice, and that is the thinking of Democrats.

When the “rubber meets the road”, these foreigners like the Republican position of a controlled immigration policy like US law dictates, like the Constitution obligates on us. Thus you see more and more Hispanics voting Republican. Yes they took the advantages the Democrats pushed when they first came in, but when THEY ARE PAYING THEIR TAXES, those things don’t look so great anymore. As one said, “Let those lazy bums get out and work like I had to, and the government shouldn’t give them anything at taxpayer expense.”  Amazing how people change their political views and affiliations once they become tax payers!

Thirdly, a controlled immigration where each and every immigrant is examined intensely BEFORE ALLOWING THEM TO ENTER THE COUNTRY filters out terrorist, gangs, and other unwanted people. This is a plus for keeping crime out of our country. I note that it is the Democrats that have soft policies on crime. Why? I would like to see how Nancy Pelosi votes on crime bills in the future. If she didn’t stage Paul Pelosi’s assault, then why wouldn’t she be harder on crime? Paul Pelosi would have ended the problem of a house intruder very quickly from his bedroom, if he had a pistol and when he heard the fellow break in downstairs, if he would have just shot off one shot into the ground below. An intruder armed with a hammer will run when a gun is discharged. That is a no brainer.

Fourthly, there is a grave problem in the United States. People do not understand that we are not a pure Democracy, and that we have never been one. The founding of our Republic was based on us being a democratic republic. A pure democracy is simply the mob rules. Under our system, we have a structure over us, and that must be absolute and everything that we do via passing laws and voting has to conform itself to what is legal according to that superstructure.

The superstructure is our Constitution. Even if everybody in the United States, or the majority rules that a certain group of people are to be killed, the Constitution sets the superstructure over every law as the God given right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That law or action to kill a certain group has to be stopped. You can put that group for example as homosexuals or MAGA Republicans, but both of these have this right to life and liberty.

Covid lockdowns broke this superstructure rule that we are to have liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One thing is to be fired from a job, and another is to just go home without pay and the employer expects the employee to show up for work in a year. Our politicians should have been extremely loud and outspoken against lockdowns. To have a face mask in order to go into a public place should have set off alarms that the law is against the Constitution. Moreover, the principle of free entrance and orderly use of a library, a public place, or especially a store should have been championed by our lawmakers.

But this is the problem, they swear on entering their public office to uphold the US Constitution, but that is where their loyalty to the Constitution ends. They govern ignoring and overruling the Constitution. The Democrats and liberals (same thing) regularly want to rewrite the Constitution how they want it to read. That is not working under the superstructure of the Constitution, but that is breaking the backbone of our country’s principles.

Why exactly did our government want to export the good jobs and manufacturing to other countries in the first place? I really see the Republicans desire to use foreign oil instead of U.S. oil going back into the 1970s as the same thing here. Both parties are destroying our country. Americans last. Americans get the worst treatment of anybody. Even the Americans that get good treatment are the homeless, the criminals, the mentally insane. How about the normal joe that works a job and just wants to live comfortably? He is crunched by inflation.

Joe Biden and the Democrats can banter back and forth about whether their bills have caused inflation or not, or even deny that we are in a recession. But they are driving this buggy of the country, they control the reins of government, and it is happening under their watch. They are responsible.

America for the most part is not a racist country. If you look around and see how we have allowed and promoted and extremely well accepted people that are not the majority white person, and you look around at other countries, you will not see such a good treatment. Go to a black country in Africa and see how Americans, Canadians, Hispanics, or even Japanese are treated. They are tolerated, but they are not welcomed into positions of government. In the US, foreign descendant people are welcomed and become rich in America.

America is the land of opportunity. I see nobody sneaking across a border to enter China or North Korea. Yet there is a billion dollar industry of crossing illegals into the U.S. Why? We have what is good here.

Another take away thought

When you look at the masses coming from other countries. Why don’t they just stay in their own country and be content? The reason always comes down to the same thing, bad government, bad work environment. No jobs or minimal salaried jobs. The two are the same thing in reality. The government makes the work environment. The attitude of businesses is going to be governed by how much profit they make, and then enters the workers’ unionization for their rights and higher wages.

But why don’t these immigrants into other countries make their governments work? That is a good question that they need to answer. Under Communism, they are repressed, and many imprisoned, some even enslaved, and some even killed. So that is the pressure “back home” that thrusts them out into other countries in search of a better life. We wish everybody a better life. But thinking about all of this, exactly why would we want the United States to be like the government of Cuba, or Russia, or China, or North Korea? Socialism sliding into Communism is what kills the good life for the people under that type of government.

To come full swing, the Democrats are pushing us towards Communism. There is no doubt about this. Just look at their view of government, it is identical to Communist countries’ view. But then how does the United States question (and base their allowing a foreigner into the country) on his views on Communism? The Green Card application clearly asks if the applicant is a Communist, if he supports Communism, etc. So this is why the Democrats DON’T WANT AN ORDERLY IMMIGRATION POLICY AND PRACTICE. Since they want more Communists into our country, that is how they are going to get it.

In their own stated principles, Communism takes from rich to give to the poor. In their view of this, the Communist government is run by individuals who break that same rule. Communism NEVER TAKES FROM THE COMMUNIST CONTROLLING PARTY MEMBERS. Likewise, these rulers keep a inordinate amount of personal income for themselves. You will never see a Chinese ruling party member that is poor. That just doesn’t happen. But you will see a lot of poor Chinese citizens. The basis of the United States is not to give everybody a livable income for free with them doing nothing for it, but to protect the workplace and the rights of people to work to support themselves. They can basically do whatever they want to do with the money that they earn. But our government is moving ever more towards the government controls all aspects of life that is in Communist countries. That thanks to our democrat rulers.

United States Immigration (and Illegals)

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