Chicago wants to give the vote to Illegal Immigrants

Chicago wants to give the vote to Illegal Immigrants, explains that this idea of Mayor Johnson is pushing the ruin of our country.

Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson Wants Illegal Aliens to Vote in Local Elections – Is there an ulterior motive in Mayor Johnson’s rhetoric and actions? I am not making up accusations against him, I am noting what he himself says he wants to do. Giving illegal immigrants the vote is against the US law. Why should anybody support a mayor who does this?

See this article, Non-citizen suffrage in the United States. The key take-away of this article is that …

Since 1997, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 has prohibited non-citizens from voting in federal elections, with the threat of fines, imprisonment, inadmissibility and deportation.[3][4][5] 

But the reality is that if the United States accepts foreign, non-U.S. citizens to show up in the United States the day of an election, and allow them to vote, then the United States has lost its sovereignty. Any nation that has a lot of citizens and money to do nasty stuff can throw elections however they want to do so.

The Democrat party presumes that foreigners that are given this right will always vote Democrat, which in itself is not a given. For example, as under Joe Biden, the US Coast Guard are returning people swimming or on boat coming to the United States from Cuba. They pick them up and return them to Cuba, not Miami. Why? These people are against Communism and Socialism, and that is why they want to get to the U.S. If the government unilaterally gives them suffrage, the right to vote, and immediately on arriving, they probably will vote against the Democrats. Also, the same is proving true of Venezuelans. So the real reason Democrats are pro-open borders is apparent in this. It is to stuff the ballot boxes for them with Democrat votes. While this is apparent, why doesn’t somebody call their hand on it?

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Owning up to Black Errors

Owning up to Black Errors. If we are to reject racism, then when Blacks err, they need to own up to their errors and not hide behind “They are attacking me for being black.”

This present article is a reaction of mine to an article I read in

My reaction to this article in Breitbart is that Mayor Brandon is like many Democrats, and many blacks among them. Their problem is that they want too much. They are against racism. I, too, am against racism, but let’s not limit the racism problem to racism against blacks, as that is the only racism there is. I grew up in South Carolina, and I lived and went to school with many blacks. Blacks are some of the most racist people in the world. For example, they call each other the n—– word all the time with abandon.

But this is the point, they “can be racist against blacks” but people who are not blacks cannot utter nor think of any slur, slander, or racist comment or somebody will express violence against them. That is unequal, and at its bottom, it is racism.

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Chicago Governments Stores

Chicago Governments Stores This post is a reaction to what I read in the news about Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan to solve crime in Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Wants to Open City-Owned Grocery Stores – The idea that to solve crime, you need to get rid of privately owned stores and use government owned stores (with the idea that the store will be heavily guarded by police) is an idea only a Democrat could come up with. Why not use police in the first place in the privately owned stores, and support the police to do their job?

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Obama’s Third Term: Biden

Obama’s Third Term: Biden is a commentary on Obama controlling Joe Biden as a puppet. Why it is wrong but probably true.

Update: Biden is tanking in the polls even among Democrats. Word has it that Barak and Michelle Obama will eat Thanksgiving with the Bidens, and that is when Obama will pressure Biden to step down, so Michelle can be the Democrat candidate. 1) This is totally possible that they will try to do this. This is how Democrats work. 2) I do not think Biden will agree. Once in power, it is an additive drug, and it is hard to quit cold turkey. So Biden might get cold turkey this Thanksgiving, but Biden has spent these years riding on Obama’s “coattails”, and he might just step out on his own at this point. We will see.

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Mitch McConnell Profile

Mitch McConnell Profile is an analysis of Congressman Mitch McConnell, the head of the US senate.

rhino republicans

Donald Trump had his problems during his tenure as President of the United States. Although President Trump was and is formally a Republican, it would seem that the people that he picked for his administration turned out to betray him at every turn. These are at least nominal Republicans, but we know the extremist anti-Trumpers as Rhino Republicans (actually Republican in Name only or RINO), Republican in name only, but actually exactly like the Democrats, Swamp people. Then we come to Mitch McConnell.

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Larry Elder Governor of California

Larry Elder for Governor of California is a profile post of Elder’s Republican bid for being the next governor of California. My off the hand assessment of his chances are the same that Trump had in the 2020 election. Yes he will win by votes, but he will lose by the counting system that is run by the Democrats. This election is a recall election to begin with, so it is to be for the rest of Newson’s term, and then there will be another regular election.

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Calls to Impeach Joe Biden

Calls to Impeach Joe Biden Since Democrats used impeachment against Trump, some are calling for Joe Biden to resign for improper decisions and actions.

Note: If Governor Cuomo has disgraced his office by his sexual exploits and wrong judgment over the nursing home Covid 19 scandal, and Biden recommends that he resign because of that, then it is 100% correct for others to demand the same in the case of Biden himself.

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