Is Global Warming Happening?

Is Global Warming Happening? Is Climate changing really happening the way the spin experts are saying? No. There is the common ups and downs of weather happening which always happen, but no global warning. Let’s be clear about the entire debate about Global Warming, or now they use Climate Crisis, the point is money. It is not about saving the planet, but about getting money out of the forever deep pockets of Americans. The Carbon tax will tax industrialized nations (like the US, Canada, England, EU, Japan, etc. but China and Russia are strangely missing) to give that money to places like small broke countries in Africa and Asia. Why? Because the industrialized nations are producing a lot of CO2 (necessary for plants to grow but the way). Where there is money collected and money distributed, then the bureaucracy retains a goodly part for itself. Communism promises to take from the rich to give to the poor, but do you really see key Communist party members in any Communist nation barely making it personally? No they are filthy rich. How does that happen? Because the bureaucracy takes illegally and generously for themselves from their treasuries.

For those idealistic souls, you may want to save the planet, but those at the forefront of Climate Change enforcement want to see trillions of dollars going through their coffers and a lot staying in their own pocketbooks. How altruist does that sound to you? While they pump up do gooders by criticizing those “bad capitalists” who are destroying our world (why do they always want to cast their opposition into destroying the world while they never do anything wrong?),  their take their own generous share of the pie.

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