Trump’s Support of Oil

Trump’s Support of Oil why Trump cannot change anything Biden has decided and has issued a presidential executive order on.

This article is my reaction to the following American Thinker article.

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President Trump’s Achievements

President Trump’s Achievements since the Democrats hate President Trump, it is good to review and remember what President Trump has done in his term, that greatly benefited the American people.

Before you pass over all of this lightly, you should meditate on why the Democrats denounce President Trump as the Devil himself. It is because the Democrat party is AGAINST everything President Trump does and has done. When you see President Trump working for the American people, then you understand that the Democrats are against President Trump because the Democrats actually hate America, and they never want anything good to go on in America.

Now in 2021, they have the reins of power, and we will see this constantly played out where they will tear America to shreds, all the while lying about all the good that they are doing. You can only understand what is going on if you accept that the Democrats have a profound hatred of America, of Americans, and of the foundational principles on which America was constructed. They want to rewrite the Constitution and overthrow by insurrection the principles of the Republic. Yet they swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution. They are habitual liars on top of everything else. You cannot trust them, especially when they make bold statements against America, against those politicians who love and fight for America.

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Capitol Breach was hijacked

Capitol Breach was hijacked explains how this pacific event was hijacked by bad actors to cast infamy against Trump and Trump supporters. While Trumper supporters through this past year have in general been pacific in their marches, the Democrats have constantly projected the image that they are the destructive ones, egged on by their leaders, especially Donald Trump. But this is simply not the truth about them. If we even compare what happened with the Capitol Breach against what BLM and Antifa have done in the past year, their destruction was excessive, and their aggression against police was also extreme. But this breach at the Capitol was arranged by a Democrat thinker. It is exactly what they project the Trump movement to be. Sure, there were Trump supporters present and they organized the march, but being pacific, it was easy for other violent elements to take over the march and drive it to what they wanted.

The one key element in all this that stinks to high heaven is that the forces that protect Capitol Hill stood down, and there was minimal forces that day. Il-prepared, obvious with orders to let them rampage the Capitol building, things were ripe for an embarrassing time for the United States.

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