Defund the Police

Defund the Police is an index page of studies, editorials, and news articles about defunding the police (lowering their budgets), about reassigning crime to psychologists and such etc.

Let’s be realistic. Are there crooked cops? Yes. Are all police crooked? No. What percentage of police are crooked? Probably an extremely small part of them. So why are we getting rid of police? This is a Democrat scheme to push their agenda. Whenever a white policeman kills a black person, it makes news. Why? Because Democrats have for years used the issue of black persecution by the police as a propaganda point to win blacks over to their party. Unfortunately for them, the black community is beginning to see through this scam.

A simple question.

Is an inner city black community better or worse with more police, better equipped police, etc.? It is better the more police you have. If you lightly read the news, it would seem white police are just looking for some black person to persecute, beat up, or kill. Really? Wait a minute. Wasn’t it the Democrats that invented the Klu Klux Klan? Didn’t they use that to frighten blacks into not voting and not using their rights as Americans? Oh yes, it was the Democrats.

Again, how did the Democrats in Congress when the slaves were freed? 100% against it. Republicans voted 100% for it. When the law came up in Congress to give blacks the right to vote? Democrats 100% against giving blacks the vote, and Republicans %100 for. Women the right to vote? Democrats again lined up against women rights.

This is simply, plain history. There is no reason to accept the Democrats rewriting history. Just study the Congressional record on these points. The Democrats are the ones who started this defund the police stupidity. Democrats will use anything they can and spin it to their advantage. People with brains who can read for themselves will not accept this tom foolery.

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