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Larry Elder profile Page is an index page about Larry Elder. Perhaps we can sum up what Larry Elder is by what the left is accusing him of being, another Donald Trump. That should strike fear in the hearts of Democrats, liberals, and other leftists, but to the conservatives out there, it is a ray of sunshine amidst a hurricane of despair.

Elder has been a conservative talk show host, much in the same vein as Ronald Reagan was before he became President of the United States. Larry has built up a following among those discontent with how the California (and US) government have been running things, and fed up people are listening to him and following him.

One key point about Elder is that he is a talk show host, so he makes his living by pointing out facts and situations and convincing people of their problems, and answers the question of how to fix this problem. The Democrats are scared to death of this man.

Larry Elder as a Picture of White Supremacy

Again we see how concepts are totally twisted out of their meaning. How is Larry Elder supporting White Supremacy? I mean, he is a black man. You cannot convince people that something is a fact simply by declaring with no evidence, no logic, and no reason behind what you say. Larry Elder is a White Supremacist, but Joe Biden is not a white supremacist? How does that work in anybody with brain’s thinking?

The truth of the situation is that Democrats use Black people for their purposes but want to keep them dependent on the Federal government, with the Democrats continuing hand outs instead of getting these people good paying jobs where they are not dependent on anybody.

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Larry Elder profile Page