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Black Lives Matter BLM Index Page is about editorials and news articles on BLM or Blacks Lives Matters and where they came from, what they believe and do.

Truthfully, Black Lives Matter BLM do not really care for black people except in one point, they want to politically use black people for Democrat purposes. If you examine what they push and support versus what (black issues) they are against or just plain ignore, you will understand what they are all about, using black people. Barack Obama is a perfect example of just this thing.

Being president of the United States, he had a certain power or precedent that other presidents could not have. He was the first black president. He could have done a tremendous amount of things for the black people in the United States. But for all the rhetoric of Democrats over the years “doing tremendous things for black people”, they did not get blacks out of prison by lessening policy that hits blacks more than whites. He did not clean up the ghettos and other black neighborhoods, bringing more focus on policing and positive programs to help blacks. He did not stop or deter abortion of black babies. The greatest threat to black babies is abortion, and yet for all the governmental programs for single black mothers, the common practice still is to abort their babies. Whatever you think about abortion, the point still sticks in your craw, more black people die through their mothers aborting them than any other factor (except natural death).

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