Are we a country of Laws?

Are we a country of Laws? Is an examination of the question of we are a country of laws, and nobody is above the law, and what is really happening in our country.

Are we a country of Laws? Is an examination of the question of we are a country of laws, and nobody is above the law, and what is really happening in our country.

The Greatness of the United States of America

We have to start off “touting our own horn” a little bit. America is a nation unlike almost any other nation in the history of the world so far. Maybe the nation of Israel (as set up in the Old Testament by God) has something even better than the United States, but we have a special country.

Roman is another country that had a lot of specialness in its formation. But nonetheless, the United States is the envy of many other countries around the world. We get a lot of our special in the conclusion and laws that have been made, the principles upon which our country is founded. But let’s not forget that our country is a point or a small stretch in the history of the world. A lot of what makes America, so special is taken from the fights and victories of other countries before us. I point out here England, which actually did the “dirty work” in making case law. The court system and people who handle the legal side of things have been formulating into American case law what was “known, understood, and followed” in America legal rulings, but ultimately came from England. These principles were enumerated a long time ago in Roman law and legal proceedings. So the “fairness” of these practices and principles ultimately go back to the Bible. Both in America and England, there is a “final salute” that their fairness is based in God’s Word, the Bible.

For example, the “rights” that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights proclaim that “every man” has (in their understanding, every man includes every male, every female, every person of any age), are not granted to these people by the Constitution nor the United States government. The founding father declare that they are “inalienable rights”, rights that cannot be destituted from each person that has them, because God has given every person these rights. Okay, in order to understand this single point sufficiently to even talk about it, you have to posit that God exists and that God is over everybody, and we are ultimately going to be judged by God and rewarded or punished by God. This is foundational for a person to have a right walk before God, and it is foundational in being saved from our sins.

I say “for a person to have a right walk before God” meaning that what you personally do is acceptable in a level of being fair and just both what you do to others, and in the context of what others do to you. You only have a claim of somebody doing something “wrong” in a moral context, and this moral context has to begin with God’s existence and God’s laws over us before you get to what happens in a court of law in a country, state, county, or city.

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

This verse fully backs up this concept. To “please God” who is the Judge… The concept of “rewarder” is somebody that looks at actions and gives a reward or a punishment. This is ultimately God’s task, and earthly judges must also answer to God as those in their courts have to answer to that earthly judge. We posit God “must believe that he is” means they must accept the authority and controls (of blessing or curse, of reward or punishment) from the Judge. He exists. He has a forceful interaction with our lives.

“Nobody is above the Law”

How this phrase has been bandied about in our day, and in reality, most of the people using this phrase are the ones who are not under the law. The common concept of these people is that they are “elites”. The law is for others, and they will use the law, lawyers, judges, and courts to control and make difficult the lives of those that oppose or hinder or even irritate these elites, but they themselves see themselves as not under the law.

Today I read a good article in talks about Trumps fourth indictment. The court and judge actions on Monday were comical. They (the movers and shakers really behind this) had already decided the conclusion before the Grand Jury had finished even hearing the evidence presented to them. This is justice? The courthouse website published the Grand Jury’s conclusion while they were still supposedly hearing the evidence.

When we mention that “every person should have their day in court”, this is not that. The judge and the jury should not be predisposed to a verdict at any cost, no matter what the evidence really is. That is not justice. But that is our country now.


There is a saying, and this is not really “justice”, just what people practice, and it will go before the ultimate Judge, God. But the saying is, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” But this serve us well to consider when we say, “Nobody is above the law.” What the law does to one, or what it defends in one case, should be practiced in all the other cases. Stacey Abrahams (Democrat) lost an election and did exactly what Trump did. She even went beyond that to actually change the election laws for her own benefit. But nobody touches Stacey Abraham. Hillary Clinton also claimed that her election lose was because of fraud on Trump’s actions. Nobody took any legal action against Hillary. (I know, nobody in their right mind wants to be under the wrath of a Clinton because from Little Rock to the White House, the Clintons left a trail of suspicious deaths of people that fell under their disdain.)

We look at the riots that rocked our nation recently with Black Lives Matter, and the billions of dollars of damage done, and hardly a person was charged with a crime, and definitely none of the guilty paid a penny to cover the damages. Is that “nobody is above the law” still in effect on those cases? Why didn’t the federal government executive arm (the branch of government which is charged by the Constitution to exercise the law, implement the laws and punish or charge with crimes to stop these people) why didn’t they do their duty? After all, they each took an oath when they entered office to uphold the Constitution, and the Constitution specifically lays out the laws, and now these same laws are being applied against Trump, when in reality, January 6 was not about the destruction of property nor a demonstration like Black Lives Matter, “occupying city streets and not letting people circulate on them”.

So the conclusion is very forcefully poignant. When something is done by the Democrats or their representatives, they are above all laws. When a Republican exercises his rights to demonstrate, to speak his mind, etc., these “laws” become clubs to beat them to death. It is very important to see that Trumps entire staff when he was President seems to be indicted with him. This is because the Democrats want to spread this cruel, anti-American misuse of the law as far as they can so that everybody in the Republican Party will hesitate to join in the next time around. Hillary Clinton says now that the Republican Party should separate from Trump and the MAGA movement, because Trump is bad. Trump rejected the election results against him, just exactly like Hillary did when she lost. So she gets a pass, and moreover, “we have to believe her because she is a woman“. (What happens to the point that everybody is equal? Why does a “woman” get more credibility than a man just because she is a woman? That doesn’t sound anything like equal to me.)

So “de facto” (from the actual evidence seen) with these days, we have a banana republic, and there is a two tier justice system. The problem with this two tier system is that when you take things from a level playing field, anybody can gender up another tier. And it appears that the Democrat “machine” wants Biden out of the running for 2024, so how they do that for him will be interesting. Firstly, Joe Biden wants to run again, even if he cannot physically complete the task. He couldn’t do it in 2020 either, and look at him. Falling down, misspeaking etc. Blunders glamour. But even though he is an embarrassment even to the Democrat Americans, he keeps on.

The word on the street is that they will remove Joe Biden and place Michelle Obama as their candidate. It appears that Barak Obama has been behind the scenes running Biden’s government anyway.

Defund the Police

Why would any sane person want to handicap the police? They are the ones who enforce the laws. If you do this, you get exactly what is the situation in San Francisco. The attorney general won’t prosecute crimes under some limit. The police won’t stop shoplifting. So the stores handle it by passing on their losses to the paying customers, and with time, there are no more paying customers because of the prices being jacked up, and everybody goes to where there are real attorney generals that do their job, and policemen that are given authority and rights to do their jobs.

But the principle is the same here. For years and years, we are talking about 50, 60, 70 years now, the Democrats have controlled the inner cities, and their policies and practices have caused damage to all that live in these cities. Now it is becoming more acute. The “law” really doesn’t exist. It has no real presence in the sense that everybody lives under the law. The law is what they say it is, when they say it applies, and how and to who they say it applies. That is not a law. That is a chief ruling in his fiefdom. This is the will of what Democrat voters want, and that is what the entire country is getting.

Note very carefully. In a fiefdom, some are favored. They get handouts from the chief. The others are serfs, non-persons that serve the chief, and really get nothing by hard work, low pay or no pay, and mistreatment from the chief. The “whim” of the chief is what decides which side of things you are. But it is the very same thing when the chief hands out “goodies to only some of the people. That is what the Democrats have built into our government. It is no good to get free things from the government. You should demand a fair job, not accept handouts, and live off of what you earn. Rich people jury rig the system so that they get the riches, and the low poor people get whatever they want to give them, usually junk, worthless stuff that they don’t really see as extremely desirous.

No one is above the law

The system that is built on this is a system where one person doesn’t get anything different from another. Are there abuses? Yea, but life is full of injustices. But taking something from one person to give to another person is not the answer here especially when the person you are taking away things from really hasn’t done anything wrong. Black people (Asians, etc.) need to enter shoulder to shoulder with every other person on an equal ground, and they need to compete. That is life. If they of their own merit and effort get ahead, so be it. But nobody owes them a living. Reparations are the opposite of this.

When I think of all the blacks that I grew up with in the South, I compare them with people like Oprah. She made her money (and if she crossed the line, God will judge her and me one day on all of that). But how can you condemn America, the system of government, as being racist or whatever the current curse word of the day is, when America produced Oprah and Obama? What people are saying is contradicted by what the lives of these people pushing “injustice” show in their own lives.

What one would ask for…

Note that nobody, not even Donald Trump is asking for him to be made king for life. (We do wonder if Obama doesn’t have that desire as he stayed in DC after his terms of president were over, and it appears he continues to control Joe Biden, and now Michelle will do his bidding for the next 8 years. I wonder…) But we are not asking for much really, just everybody gets treated with the same law. That everybody is under the same laws, applied the same way in everybody’s case.

Personally, I want to know why I have to pay my taxes which are burdensome, when 1) I am not in agreement with what my government and Joe Biden is doing with them, and 2) Hunter Biden doesn’t have to pay his taxes. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, except with Democrats. If I don’t pay, I go to jail. Joe Biden protects his son, and therefore he doesn’t go to jail, and gets a “get out of jail” card forever for any crime he might in the future commit. Huh? That is the exact opposite of “no one is above the law”.

Are we a country of Laws?

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