What is wrong with our Political Parties?

What is wrong with our Political Parties?

What is wrong with our Political Parties? analyzes our current political system and the problems in it, with it, taking both parties to task.

Let’s Start with the Great Recession

If you take a step back from the active politics of the moment, you will notice that our present day political parties are having some kind of problem. We go back some 20+ years, and what we notice is that the United States was in a recession. With the George Bush father and son duo, the Republican party was basically taken over by Rhino Republicans. These are basically Republican politicians that think and function like Democrats. More importantly, their mindset of attacking problems is exactly Washington Swamp things thinking. Their is little to no difference between them and a standard Democrat. That is why post serving, Bush became Obama’s friend.

But the issue I want to focus on is simply, nobody on either side of the aisle could get the economy cranked up. There were batters from both political sides, and they ALL STRUCK OUT. So this “thing” happened. Which is better, to put somebody from your party into office to fail, or to step back and let the other party take the presidency and then attack everything they did? But what happens when BOTH PARTIES take this take a step back and let the other take the presidency?

Think about it. America is not racist really. But if you think that we are, then how did in the years when racism is the strongest (according to your thinking) would a black man be elected president? As these things go, blacks represent a fraction of American voters, and having the entire black voter segment, that would not come close to carrying a presidential election. How did Obama win then?

For that matter, what were Republicans thinking in nominating Mitt Romney, a Mormon? Can you think of any other person worse than a Mormon as far as gathering support? Republicans are heavily Christian, and they would reject a Mormon. So what was the thinking there? But the reality was that both parties had given up on nominating a really good candidate that would look “presidential” and pull different factions together. Hillary Clinton was just a small person who wanted to steal and cheat big time. Who would support her except other crooks, and then none of them would turn their back on her.

The Reason Problem with Politics Today

Then along came Donald Trump. There are a number of problems that greatly affected in the negative Donald Trump’s run and presidency. I would like to study these issues. But I voted for Trump the first time, the second time, and will still vote for him again. I don’t see any reason to change my mind.

Business as Swampy Usual, or something New?

The issue that put Donald Trump in office as President was the Swamp. Everybody entered the presidency in order to do a Clinton on it. Let’s cheat, steal, and do anything to make money off of my position. It was extremely disheartening to hear that Bill Clinton “sold” nights in his bedroom to billionaires like a Bed and Breakfast so that they could say that they slept in the President’s bedroom. How low can you get? I mean, are they going to pick up trinkets around the White House like candy that says “White House candy” and sell them for $100 per piece to make money?

Trump was against all of this Swamp making money for one’s self. Hillary Clinton used her position in Obama’s presidency exactly for this. Congress ignored all wrong doing with Hillary. Trump denounced it. Trump won the election in what could be the last fair and valid election in US history.

But this turned ugly. The Democrats attacked Trump’s policies because they were Trump’s policies. By this time, the Democrats lost all sense of making laws and policies to make the country work correctly. They were just knee jerk reactions against the person of Trump.

Let me digress here. Our political system, the way the founders of our country designed it, works well. But you have to follow their system, and not stray from it. The system has checks and balances all through it. One of the MOST IMPORTANT CHECK AND BALANCE for making new laws, changing existing laws, or getting rid of bad old law is simply public transparency of the process. For example, somebody “gets it in their craw” that we need to make a new tax on a widget product. The House or the Senate takes up the issue and discusses it. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of people who watch these discussions to see how it affects them and their interests. These people are called lobbyists. Businesses pay them to do so, and to sway things to favor their business.

After one chamber of Congress deals with the issues of a new law on say widgets, it send it to the other chamber, and they deal with it, and then they write their own law. Then it goes to a committee comprised of members of both chambers and a reconciliation version of the bill is written. Then they send it to the President’s desk. Usually, the president also has his people in both chambers that will head off problems in the bill that displeases the president. But after “kicking it around” some more with changes to make people happy, the president puts out the bill as the “final version” is going to be, and they have public hearings, and then finally the president signs it.

The public hearings are announced with a few month for people to notice and prepare their comments for or against, and then the hearings themselves take place over weeks or months. All of that to make a simple law. But the process is very simple. The House of Representatives is charged with money matters, and the Senate is charged with the approving process, and the President is charged with the implementation part.

What happened to mess with our governing process?

Very simply, Obama started making presidential executive orders. This is legal. But he used it in an illegal way. Say the Congress votes to put an import tax on all Chinese widgets. They pass that law. Usually the process has the executive branch feeding “wish lists” of issues into the actual bill. So this wish list is, how much is the tax? When is it tax? What circumstances is the tax not applied? etc. With imported cars, cars made in the foreign nations, but assembled in the USA were given special considerations. That is how the process works, or at least worked.

But the issue is, the presidential executive orders were new laws made around “old law” that interpreted how to actually “DO” the old law. This is valid. But the Constitution already has a way of making new laws, so this isn’t supposed to be used for introducing totally new laws.

Biden’s Great Error

Biden’s 30 some presidential executive orders his first day shows the world how messed up the system had become with Joe Biden’s first day as President. The founders built into the system checks and balances, and if these elements “kick in” when they should, then things don’t get out of order. The Supreme Court should have “kicked into gear” with Obama and stopped him cold from making new laws in his presidency. Vice President Biden was watching everything Obama did, and he thought he could do the same. For a senile old man, that is understandable. For the president of the United States it is unforgivable.

When Biden decided to make law based on his political parties espoused lines, he thought that he had at least all the Democrats on board 100% with him. Unfortunately, bucking the established system meant that they could not give feed back into the system before a law was made, and failure, great failure, was looming ahead. We are living in the consequences of Biden’s folly today.

It is a “no-brainer” to think that Biden’s actions would not work. Most of the petroleum industry is unionized. These unions are most Democrat in their political persuasion. So when you put a few million Democrat unionized voters out on the street on the first day of your presidency, how would that go? These people work with their hands mostly. They are not going to learn how to program computer code, and that field has millions that train and fall out of that area of work because of competition. Joe’s had a core of hard core Democrats AGAINST HIM from his day 1. From there it just got worse. Who is pulling Joe Biden’s strings? I mean, where is the guide that Joe follows for his decisions as president? Obviously, Biden did not have a pre-conceived, well though out overview plan that is guiding him, or if he did, he never revealed that plan, because nobody knows it.

The Democrats’ Lack of a Plan

The basic problem with Democrats is that all of this “process” imposed by the country’s founders has a basis. That basis which reached back to the founding of the country is squarely set on logic. If something is logical, if it is Constitutional (abides by our country’s existing laws), if it is squarely founded on hard science (undisputed science), then that side wins. Democrats abandoned all of this for wanting laws that benefited them exclusively. While their view is understandable for them, for the rest of the country it is not. So they began by attacking the science. They corrupted our scientific establishment in order to change hard facts for suppositions without scientific evidence. They changed laws and made new laws that are against our country’s founding principles. In the end, their actions are just not even logical.

So, the Democrats now have to maintain their power without winning debates or arguments. How? By cheating in elections. I know this will not happen, but I wish we could have a revote for Biden, and just use paper ballots and count them in public squares with video cameras watching. I doubt Biden would get half of what he got in 2020.

The True Democrat Plan

But to say that the Democrats do not have a plan is wrong also. They do have a plan. They are against everything Trump. But Trump is no longer president, so that plan is failing miserably. You cannot form policy as being against somebody. Many policy decisions are against a position, and when people take that position in their favor, great. But the bottom line is simply, they co-incide, but they are not the same.

Once Trump is out of the limelight, and a Democrat president can implement his ideas, then his ideas better have some kind of workability, some kind of good principles for the nation. Where is that in Biden’s plans?

What to do?

But this problem is a Democrat problem. In the end, it is not for Republicans nor Libertarians to correct the Democrat party. They must do whatever or ignore the issues they themselves. I cannot see how the Democrat party can survive until 2024. It will fracture and some will continue with the new liberals, and others will gather around a more conservative old Democrat position.

What is wrong with our Political Parties?

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