Purging Deplatforming Politicial Opponents

Purging Deplatforming Politicial Opponents is a page with links and comments about the current political deplatforming of the Democrats’ Political Opponents. To deplatform somebody is to take away their ability to make free speech comments.

Note that this seems to be completely a Democrat activity against Conservative voices, most acutely Republicans. In today’s political world, people hold influence and change the general public’s views on issues by public discussion. This public discussion makes no impact if it is done in a closed room with nobody in the room. It must be done in public forums, which in our world, there are a lot of public forums where people express their opinions and voice their concerns such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

These public forums have legal protections against what they have on their platforms because they could be sued for liable if they didn’t have these legal protections given them by lawmakers in the beginning of the Internet age. But this is a problem. Now that these platforms are deplatforming anybody that does not agree with the Democrat party line, there is no voicing of concerns on these platforms of what is happening wrong with the world.

Public people like Donald Trump use these platforms to broadcast their opinions and views. Many conservatives were using these platforms to reveal what the Democrats are doing wrong. For example, Twitter deplatformed a number of conservatives because they consider what they were saying as dangerous. It is only dangerous if you are a Democrat. But at the same time as Twitter has an attack of conscience over this, they allow the radicals in Iran and Afghanistan to broad their hate of the Jews and towards the United States. So if you hate America, you are not deplatformed, but if you hate what the Democrats are doing within America, your voice is silenced. This is the problem.

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