Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide

Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide is a reasonable and scientific explanation about the relationship of carbon dioxide and our climate.

Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide is a reasonable and scientific explanation about the relationship of carbon dioxide and our climate.

A Foundational Understanding

As if this is hard somehow, life has a cycle to it, and there is a relationship (symbiotic beneficial to all parties) between plants and animals/humans. Humans need oxygen in order to survive. Humans eat carbon based food, and their bodies break that carbon down in order to make energy that their bodies need to live. Life has to be about energy. When an animal or a human has no life, no breath, no energy, it is dead. But living, an animal or human takes in carbon based food, and one of the by-products of that living is carbon dioxide. They breathe this out.

Carbon dioxide is not a green house gas. It is just a regular part of life.

Plants on the other hand also need oxygen (a small amount), and plants need a lot of carbon dioxide. They take in carbon dioxide, remove the carbon to form their structures, roots, branches, and leaves and fruit, and once they strip the carbon from the carbon dioxide, they emit the oxygen.

All, animals, humans, and plants, get benefit from both of these processes.

Depopulation and Humans are Parasites on Planet Earth

Somehow an evil twisted mind has come up with the idea that humans are parasites on earth, and in some way, all humans (except them of course) should die.

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But we must insist that God exists, God created our world, and God created man. Within this framework of elements which we must insist on is that God meant for us to occupy this planet, this world, earth, and that living normally is not against God’s purposes nor in some way a crime or moral violation.

The Global Climate Warming Farce

The fact of the matter is that our planet HAS ALWAYS HAD CLIMATE CHANGE. Climate change is not some kind of crisis, nor is it unusual. For as long as our records show, climate changes and cycles back and forth. To insist on a human being breathing is a problem is to not understand science.

There is a very simple solution for those people who see other living on the planet as a problem for the planet. If we have too many people, why don’t they commit suicide? That is the most obvious answer, and the people wanting to depopulate earth never want they themselves to be the first ones to die. And Mr. Bill Gates, neither do you want to give up red meat and eat worms. We notice how you are not a shining example of the standards you want for other people.

Reality Check

But we must insist on a reality check. Planets are necessary for this process to work, and the present of Carbon Dioxide is just a step in the cycle. There is nothing wrong with it.

Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide

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