“Truly, this is the end of Democracy”

"Truly, this is the end of Democracy" I examine this cry of many today who just do not understand Democracy nor how it is lived.

“Truly, this is the end of Democracy” I examine this cry of many today who just do not understand Democracy nor how it is lived.

This line “this is the end of Democracy” is bing well-worn out in our day. Most recently, I read it in reference to a mother’s group in Charleston South Carolina which is where I was born and raised. The fact that they were concerned mothers, parents, that didn’t want homosexual books in the libraries was the issue. If they complained at the school boards, and they were to win that fight, then the people crying “this is the end of Democracy” would signal that the situation was a crisis and the government and legal people should take over the issue and allow the books at any rate.

Defining just what is Democracy

To get a grip on all of this, we need to understand Democracy. Democracy is rule of government, society, etc. by the will of the people. We need to clarify a few things. Firstly, we cannot have rule of anarchy, which is defined as absence of political authority. This will cause chaos and confusion, and great injustice. In situations like in the Los Angeles riots a few years back, the summer of Black Lives Matter riots, recently in the aftermath of hurricane Otis in Acapulco, what happens when there is no government, or the government is impotent and uninterested in intervening (BLM riots for example), is that there is destruction of property and looting. While this is “justified” as being valid, stealing from one person or store is never valid. Somebody loses when somebody else steals.

But the point is, this expression “This is the end of Democracy” is always or usually used as a persuasive tactic to bring people to a desired position.

But the bottom most line of defining Democracy is that the people decide for themselves within an ordered system. For example, any product or service is 1) decided upon by the individual paying for it, 2) which product or service is decided upon again by the individual.

We confuse and cloud the issue greatly when we take the position that an authority dictates that we should all have a product or service, and which one is up to that authority also. Then the situation works as a dictatorship and not a democracy.

What does the end of Democracy look like?

The end of Democracy is when the general will of the people is ignored, and they are forced to do the will of a few. In our discussion here, these few are the elite that control society and government. Actually, there are countries around the world which have no Democracy. I would clarify that there is a small amount of self decision, but at the risk of the individual’s own well-being if they “decide for something which dictatorship frowns upon or is against”.

In China, there is no democracy. The Communist government makes all the decisions. They even have a social application/software which penalizes people who don’t do what the Communist party wants, and rewards the people when they fall in lock step alignment with the Communist party. This is what the end of Democracy looks like. A dictatorship where individuals are forced to do what somebody else wants.

America is a Democracy, and we have been founded on these principles.

But note that an individual has a “lot of liberty” in what they decide. The government doesn’t enter into this, and as such, in a Democracy should defend the individual’s right to decide for themselves.

I would like to know where Obamacare comes into this thought process? The government decides what everybody is going to have as far as health insurance. Is that a step forward for Democracy or a step towards dictatorship?

Democracy is based on an Educated Populace

The great problem in a democratic system is that when the mass majority of the people believe something that is just plain wrong, things get bad. One of our founding fathers made the comment that a democracy works until the point that it dawns on the populace that they can vote themselves money from the common treasury. That is happening in our politics as the people put politicians in office that want these same politicians to guarantee that the government gives hand outs back to the people.

One of the principles here that has to exist strongly in the populace is that they must be noble. That is, they are not self-serving, wanting to absolutely get personal gain from the government. This is when Democracy is about to end.

We need to insist here that there must be a belief among the voting populace in God. This is seen in morality, and a fear of God punishing evildoers. While some may dismiss this as ridiculous, it is not. It is only when the average citizen fears God that they will be good citizens. Otherwise, they will use the government to get what they want from others taxes.

Hasn’t Democracy already ended?

But realistically, hasn’t our democracy already ended? Probably so. There are groups of really few people who make the decisions that affect the majority. Exactly who decided that America was going Green, going to war against oil fuels? Wasn’t it Joe Biden alone? There was no discussion and a vote on doing this, not even among Democrats.

In saying “wasn’t there discussion and a vote”, that process would be democracy. Even in a democracy

Light at the end of the Tunnel

There is a fact here that we need to meditate on somewhat. Once a people have been exposed to Democracy, true Democracy that benefits the citizens, almost all those exposed will not turn back to anything else. They like the ability to choose for themselves.

Even if a dictator takes over, eventually the citizens will clamor for those rights and privileges to direct their own lives. Unfortunately, most of the time, people take too long to actually put pressure to return until it is extremely difficult or sometimes seemingly impossible. But it is possible to return.

Why do you Vote for those who want to Dictate life for you (who are against Democracy)?

The question is very important. If some people come into office and on their inauguration day, that is the last time they think of what the people want, then why do you support those kinds of people?

Joe Biden supposedly won the popular vote. Did he? Who knows. But assume for a minute that he did. When he declared his war on fossil fuels, his pledge of allegiance was to the Greenies, then he lost his supporters. With his disastrous Bidenomics, inflation from government spending that we really don’t see positive things in the economy from it, we must have “buyer’s remorse.”

Yet, you must admit that what is going on is that there are a very few number of people making all the decisions for the citizens. By 2035, the US should have equal parts, EVs and gasoline cars. Who says? Biden? Did Congress give him that authority? Exactly where is the line of authority from Joe Biden to some higher authority in regard to this position? And for that matter, where was the discussion about even making that move, how and how soon? Because I must have missed it. When Biden got into office, everybody assumed that as President, we all have to go along with him and his lunacies. But with Donald Trump, the only thing we heard day in and day out was “Trump is not my President”. Well, Trump upheld the principles of Democracy despite what accusations were laid on him. Many people should be wishing for Trump to return to the Oval Office again.

When you hear somebody use this line again, stop and ask yourself, Is something being forced on somebody here or is the will of the people being done? Actually, the elite controls the media, and they want to make what they are dictating to seem like the majority when it isn’t. Homosexuality isn’t being restricted in actuality in our day. They are free to do their sexual perversions, just not in the open, not with unwilling participants, and not with children.

Homosexuals do not reproduce naturally through their sexual acts. Therefore, to keep their movement alive, they have to recruit others, and this is usually with kids. The problem comes in when they want to recruit kids of families that don’t accept homosexuality. That takes their perversion too far and has to be stopped. But they will fight for it even if it is “too far.”

“Truly, this is the end of Democracy”

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