Democrats violate the Bill of Rights

Democrats violate the Bill of Rights

Democrats violate the Bill of Rights I reference an article in American Thinker that explains the Dems violation of most of the bill of rights. Democrats violate the Bill of Rights explains how Democrats don’t follow the Constitution.

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Let’s be honest, the present day Democrats are at war with the Republican party (all except for the Rhino Republicans that they have planted there). Why? The simple answer is because they have no policy that really works. Buying votes is not a policy that works. Eventually, somebody, somewhere, sometime, has to pay. They are fast approaching that day.

But in continuing with this “plan” of sorts, bribery, they are systematically breaking the rights laid down in the Constitution. Now do not lose focus on who these people are. They are elected public officials that every single one of them have been sworn into office in a process where they swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Since that is so, they are breaking with predetermination that Constitution that they are supposed to uphold. They are betraying the country and its system, capitalism, in doing so.

The above cited article mentions in passing a number of times and places that the Democrats have violated the Bill of Rights (various points of them). Good reading. Democrats violate the Bill of Rights

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