Biden Cabinet Violates the Hatch Act

Biden Cabinet Violates the Hatch Act

Biden Cabinet Violates the Hatch Act examines current violations of the Hatch Act, that says federal employees are prohibited from campaigning for a political party.

Biden Cabinet Violates the Hatch Act

The U.S. Congress saw the need to restrict federal employees from entering into “political campaigning” so that every time a new president is in office, all of the federal employees under him are not automatically made into political workers for that president and his political party.

As such, the Congress drew a very clear line prohibiting the “use” of federal employees in political campaigning. While they are American citizens, their comments and public discourse about politics has to be 1) off of any federal property, and 2) in a time when they are not officially “on the clock” as a federal employee. This can cause some federal employees some problems, because they want to mix politics with their officially acting in a federal job.

But the Hatch Act was made to delineate exactly when and how they can speak about politics and when they cannot.

In essence, the Democrat party doesn’t pay much attention to following existing laws on the books. As usual, whatever evil they are doing, they will accuse the Republicans of doing what they themselves are doing wrong. Here is no exception.

How the Hatch Act actually Reads

The Hatch Act, a federal law passed in 1939, limits certain political activities of federal employees, as well as some state, D.C., and local government employees who work in connection with federally funded programs. ​The law’s purposes are to ensure that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion, to protect federal employees from political coercion in the workplace, and to ensure that federal employees are advanced based on merit and not based on political affiliation.​​​​ ​​

Prohibited personnel practices (PPPs) are employment-related activities that are banne​​d in the federal workforce because they violate the merit system through some form of employment discrimination, retaliation, improper hiring practices, or failure to adhere to laws, rules, or regulations that directly concern the merit system principles. OSC has the authority to investigate and prosecute violations of the 14 PPPs.​​

Why the Hatch Act was first made.

Congress saw fit to make this into law because a federal employee could be used to promote a particular political party. This is a broad law, and refusing to campaign or do political activism for a particular party is protected from repercussions from your boss. But the key element in the Hatch Act is that federal employees cannot be doing any campaigning for a particular candidate or political party while on federal property or while they are in their federal jobs doing it.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jeane-Pierre stands before the Press Corps of the United States and other nations to answer questions about the actions of the current President. But she has a very difficult job. While she has to answer these questions as best she can, she cannot endorse, show political favoritism, or in any other way become political for the President she is answering questions for. See what you think. Just two examples.

“The Inflation Reduction Act is…going to lower energy costs. These are real wins that we have delivered for the American people — that congressional Democrats have delivered for the American people, where Republicans, their plan — their plan is to take that away. They want — they want to take away lowering costs on healthcare. They want to take away lowering costs on energy.”

Or this:

“And the thing to remember and I think the question to ask — or the thing to actually really think about here is what Republicans are trying to do.  When you look at these lawsuits across the country, they’re coming from Republicans. And Republicans want to take away this essential need…”

So she is limited both in campaigning for or attacking other political opponents. Isn’t this exactly what she is doing here? So now Democrats can just fragrantly violate US campaign laws and the DOJ does absolutely nothing about it? Not even a rebuke? Joe Biden is happy with this?

Also from the…

The White House Press Secretary campaigning from the podium provides Democrats with an asymmetrical advantage in the coming election. Making promises of what “this president” will do if the Democrats get enough votes in the legislature affects every congressional race in the country. 

Consider the press coverage that the White House gets, with hoards of reporters following every move and word and, because of the unity of the establishment, quickly carrying their message around the world. The opposing party has no similar platform or coverage.

It is for this reason that we have the Hatch Act in the first place – so that the incumbent party cannot use the power of the Presidency or other government authority to impact the outcome of the election. Of course, addressing the overt Hatch Act violations of this White House Press Secretary requires someone actually holding her accountable.

So this press secretary is making promises of a political nature if the country votes for Democrats instead of Republicans. Doesn’t that sound like bribery?

Biden Cabinet Violates the Hatch Act

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