The Death of Liberty

The Death of Liberty

The Death of Liberty is an editorial on how our liberty is being systematically destroyed.

The Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

One of the ideals that the framers of our Constitution upheld greatly was that God has given all men the unalienable right to liberty. This is liberty of movement, liberty of interacting with society by going to stores, restaurants, to theaters, to churches, to social events, etc. Our present situation under Covid has the government taking away this unalienable right.

unalienable rights are rights that can never be forfeited; they’re fundamental parts of humanity, the basis for moral interactions between people, and they are irrevocable. –

These rights are rights and privileges that simply cannot be revoked or taken away.

Nobody should be allowed to take these rights away from people. The government have argued that you cannot have an infectious disease and go into public places where you will possibly inflict that same disease into other people. In some cases, our Constitution obviously makes some exceptions for the liberty right. For example, when a person commits a crime and is sentenced to jail, that right is taken away on the basis of the person’s conduct.

But that process is a long and involved one always involving a judge, a court, and a defense lawyer. The final decision can be overturned on the basis of an appeal. So the taking away of a person’s liberty is really a principle of punishment based on conduct, but there is a very long and involved process for the government to be able to do that.

Covid and the Quarantines

With the event of Covid, certain people have invoked the action of the government to remove the liberty right on the basis of the disease. Note that when this action of the government has been invoked in previous occasions, it is always a person who definitely has the disease, and this lose of liberty is for a very temporal time, being restored as soon as the disease is no longer contagious. It is not when the person is disease free, but when they no longer are contaminating others.

Today, the governments around the world are focusing on “their right” to take away the liberty of people. This governmental action in making quarantines is not because the people have the disease, i.e. the wrong people are being quarantined. Not the sick, but everybody.

Medically, the facts of Covid are being made up as time goes along. At first, they said if a person was to get the vax, they would not get the disease nor be a transmitter of the disease nor have to use masks. None of that is what is being total to the world today. You cannot change a “fact”. A fact has roots in the way the world works. What really is, not an opinion. So we are being lied to daily in the facts of Covid.

How many people are dying from Covid?

We just don’t know. Why? Because the government is pushing the medical people to change death certificates. If a person (dead) is tested and has Covid, the cause of death is put as Covid, even if they died in a motor vehicle accident. How does that represent reality? It doesn’t. When people have some ulterior motive and change the reality of life, they are evil and deceptive, and nothing that they say can be held as being truth.

Our medical establishment has “sold their souls to the devil”. They are now no longer medical personnel living and working under the rules of medicine (never harm the patient) but rather they are political instruments. They spout out what the official line is, and they ignore the medicine involved in the issue.

All is in order to give the Government more authority and the people less (take away their rights)

This movement afoot today is designed to give government more and more authority and control over people’s daily lives and choices, and take those rights away from the people. We have to fight against this robbery of our “inalienable rights”, those that God gave us. Maybe in a Communist country this is what happens, but not in the United States of America.

The Death of Liberty

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