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Nobody is taught Science any more

For all the cries that certain people say that they “follow the science”, it simply is not true. Science is based on studies of reality. A theory is set forth as being truth (what reality is), and then science is making experiments and investigating facts and evidence for that theory being truth or false. Science which is true science is ALWAYS open to analysis and challenge. People who shut down contrary voices “just because” are anti-science. A true scientist will always hear out any challenge to any theory or assumed truth, and then disprove that challenge with experiments and concrete evidence, or renounce what he has held. That is the reason true scientists are very reluctant to speak in definite terms if their theories can be subject to sets of contrary facts. It remains a “theory” until the overwhelming amount of evidence proves it most probably certain. Even then, there is always caution.

The scientific method tests and retests independently (with scientists doing the examination and retesting who are not necessary for that theory), and facts, evidence, and logic have to reign supreme over science.

Getting the Facts Straight

Life as we know it here on earth is a cycle. Humans and animals breath in oxygen and breath out CO2. Plants breath in a very minor part of oxygen and a lot of CO2, and they break down the CO2 into pure oxygen (breathed out) and the C, or Carbon is internalized and made into the stems, leaves, etc. The oceans of the earth also absorb a large amount of CO2. Within the oceans, there are plants that likewise take in CO2 and break it down.

This scientific cycle of life was taught in elementary schools and above at one time. Students understood this. But nowadays, liberals have spun all of this to make CO2 our enemy. In any environment on earth, if the temperature is warm enough, and there is an over abundance of CO2, then plants grow extremely abundantly. They absorb and break down more and more CO2. In the coldest parts of the planet, this happens albeit at a very much slower rate. But say in the jungles of Brazil or Africa, or other hot, humid places plant life grows abundantly.

You cannot change this just because you or somebody else says so. This has a tremendous amount of evidence to support that this is how life exists on earth.

Understanding how Liberals Spin Climate Change

If you listen to people like Barack Obama, the glaciers are melting and the oceans are rising and within a very few 5 or 7 or whatever the current propaganda is spinning on that particular day you research it, we are going to have a large part of the United States under water in well under a decade. I mention Obama, because his administration as president pushed this climate change heavily. Yet after he concluded his presidency, he purchased a millions plus house on the coast, not a foot or two above the normal high tide sea level. If he was right about our coastal regions being flooded up to 20 or 30 feet above the current sea level, why would he spend so much money on a beach front mansion? Why not the highest place in the US on the highest livable house? I mean Colorado would make more sense.

The answer is simple. Obama puts his money where his beliefs are, and he knows and believes that Climate Change is a gran hoax spun out by liberals and Democrats. There is no real truth in it.

Electric Cars

The Green Plan is all about hating oil and carbon energy. But the truth of the matter is very simple, carbon energy is a very stable source of energy. About the only energy source better than carbon based energy is nuclear. Both are on the Greenies hate list.

Let’s examine two scenarios that have happened in the past. A hurricane hits mid Florida and goes up the eastern seaboard. As the hurricane approaches, people begin to leave Florida for Georgia. As the course becomes established, I-95, the main north-south Interstate becomes jammed even using all lanes. But the people get out because they have gasoline based cars.

In the other scenario in say 10 years when all cars are electric, the same thing happens, but all those cars have a limited distance they can travel and then they have to get off the highway and recharge their batteries for 8 hours. The hurricane doesn’t wait for that. People refuse to get off the interstate and they are stranded, blocking emergency services and anybody else behind them. Actually in North Carolina, this happened in a snow storm and the people were many hours stranded on the Interstate. In an electric car with the heater on, the distance an electric car will travel is about 41% of its normal (low) distance. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

“Studies detailing the carbon emissions necessary to manufacture an electric vehicle reveal that on a net basis, there are more emissions for vehicle bought and used for its expected lifetime, than would be generated by buying and using a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle.”

See some news articles about electric Cars

Some information. about electric cars and their batteries

It is hard to get this information on electric car batteries (for an all electric car) but it appears that their batteries last about 1.5 years. Even if we could equate them with cell phone batteries at 4 years, that is quite a hefty expense. Electric car batteries are very expensive. (This information in part is from American More Electric Car Follies)

These batteries are very much influenced by the cold and the heat, so they are not good in very cold weather nor in very hot weather. There are very limited places and times in the US where they could be effectively used. Besides bad weather affecting the life of the battery, it is further degraded when the cabinet of the vehicle is heated or cooled.

What is the main issue of using an all electric car then? Well, it is supposed to help the planet. Less carbon based fuels. No. Both wind mills and solar panels cannot produce power efficiently, so they bring the power grid down, or there has to be a carbon based backup. Nuclear would work well here, but nuclear is just as hated as carbon based fuels.

What happens when an electric car is in an accident? The ion batteries are electrical bombs. How are emergency personal going to solve this problem?

Is the “right” to have free use of an electric car going to be gifted to those on welfare? Read

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