Embracing Universal Truth

Embracing Universal Truth

Embracing Universal Truth is an editorial by Pastor David Cox on society’s embracing the truth, what it is, what it is not. For this post, it’s seed was both things that I have preached on in the past about truth, and this post I recently read.

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What is Truth?

Let’s start off by examining the Bible to find what truth is. Truth is more complex that simple reality. I can ask the question, is this pen on my desk or is it not? The answer could be either, but not both things as they are contradictory. But in reality, and that is the key concept here, in what really is in our world, we see truth as yes or no, that reality for all human beings is one thing or another.

But if you study truth in the Bible, there is another aspect of “truth”. Truth is a principle. We can get deep into theology here, and I think it is beneficial to do so. Jesus is the Logos in John 1. The Greek word logos means “word” but much more than that. It means a principle in how things work. For example, we use the word “cardiology” to mean the science and principles of how the heart works, functions, and malfunctions. A doctor who is an expert cardiologist knows what there is to know about the heart, or just about everything except for news things coming out from research which he probably will shortly be caught up on.

But all the -ology words in English have that base of logos or logia which represents “truth”. In this case, truth is how something works, what is real and actual about that thing. The truth is not that a grain of salt with kill you (but a big order of salty french fries might provoke an existing heart condition, high blood pressure, etc. into causing some serious medical event). The truth is that people do not die and then their heart starts again two weeks later. There are things that happen within these principles of truth because that is how these things work. The principles behind the functioning of the heart operate on the basis of these principles. To break one of these principles is simply to commonly see an exception that cannot be explained.

For example, there are chemicals in the body that open cells for fluids to enter (salt) and a corresponding one to exit these liquids. High blood pressure is caused by too much salt and a reduction in the blood vessels. But we understand that truth means this is how the world works.

But in the Bible, God speaks to man about how things have to be. God forces the end results of these principles, and Jesus is represented as the Sustainer of Creation being the Logos. This is the very person of Christ. His task in Creation, to create and to sustain.

What has happened with “new truth” and “my truth” versus “your truth”.

So how can we have two contradictory truths? Simply put, we don’t, and somebody is lying, misrepresenting the truth. “Science” as a “thing” was born in the study of truth. Simply put, the experiences of people are catalogued and studied in order to extract general principles that can be understood and taught to others. In our day, there are people who are putting out “false truths” and trying to force these false truths on society. They have their reasons for doing so, but they are perverting science. The rules of scientific research and study are done away with, and we have “philosophers” who are dictating to us what “truth” is.

How many genders are there? In science, there are two, male and female. There are no more genders than that, and that is very obvious from clinical studies. Grab 1000 rabbits and see what the sexual organs are. These “clinical studies” or research will only result in a fixed thing. It does not vary AT ALL, except in the twisted perceptions of people who are not dealing with reality.

Some years back I read in the news of a woman in India that married a bridge. So is that truth? Can that happen? I wonder what their kids will look like? Will they be a bridge that walks? Equally ridiculous are people that are “non-binary”. You can say what you want, but reality is another thing. Take a million people out there in any country and examine them all, and you will find that reality is they will each have either male sexual organs or female sexual organs. The truth is that there are no other options.

Computers and Computer Modeling

In the climate change argument, those who are pushing for climate change use computer models as the basis for their dictates. Yet as they predict the end of the world back 20 years ago and the world did not end, we begin to see their whole “reality” or “their truth” break down into a clown show. Al Gore’s predictions for a rise in sea levels by meters just didn’t happen. So what do they do? Do they admit that they were wrong? No. They just adjust their computer models to throw the predictions into a future date. Supposedly the polar caps are melting and there is nothing that can stop them. We have a few years left, less than a half dozen, and the world will be completely in ruins and chaos. But those few years come and go, and we are in the same place as before their predictions. The sea levels don’t rise.

As scientists, this kind of ignoring the reality around us, and fabricating another reality that they live in should be warrant to distrust ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS! Unfortunately, some evil people in government see a way of using these lies, and yes, what is not truth is a lie. So “their world” and “their truth” are forced on everybody. Because they live in a fantasy world, we have to give up gasoline cars, heating in the winter, etc. and bow to their fantasy world understanding. Unfortunately, their world is not defined on facts, but on constantly changing computer models.

Truth is founded on Reality

When we refer to “reality”, let’s be frank. In every single place in the world, even in the universe, if you take a heavy hammer and smash your finger with it, it will hurt and damage your body. So don’t offer to me that somebody’s “reality” is different. What is different is that they are so on drugs that they don’t feel it, or they are so high that they don’t say “ouch”, but the reality for them is that their finger is damaged.

“Their truth” has to comfort to what is universal truth.

Back to God

But God gives us many of our truths. God created Adam and Eve in the garden, and because they are God’s creatures, they should worship God, love God, and obey God. These people with alternate truths simply deny the existence of God, they don’t worship what doesn’t exist (but they do worship their alternate truth that is baseless in life’s experiences), and most of all they disobey God. So when we look at the gender confusion in our day, these people are denying God, and they are inventing an alternate “truth” that is “their truth” but they don’t understand reality in their world.

Two men can decide to be husband and husband, but between the two of them, they will never have a baby as God’s system works (requiring a man and a woman to reproduce the human race). Two lesbians cannot reproduce. So what do they do? Repent of their craziness? No. They look around and take other people’s kids and convert them to their own craziness. So the homosexual men enter the Boy Scouts who were at their inception an institution for reproducing morality and responsibility in youth. After they ruined that, and society as a whole crossed out the Boy Scouts, they entered our schools as teachers.

But evil in their minds and hearts is their problem, and sin will eventually cause consequences that people don’t like. God can judge them, but his judgment is already working within those who sin. All of this thinking and trying to reason against reality will destroy those who follow it.

Returning to Reality

When the government, our government embraces lies, trickery, and falsehoods that in themselves don’t work, then our lives are made very difficult. Because while I can just not listen to weirdos, I cannot ignore the laws and dictates of my government. They will chastise me and put me into jail. America was founded on the opposite of this. Even people who are wrong have a right to be heard equally with all the rest, and their desires and wishes are respected even though everybody is not obligated to follow their thinking. That is America in a nutshell.

But what is going on today is that there is no science, there is no logic, and their is no clinical studies to prove or disprove ideas going on. The government literally “bought into” the Covid vaccine without any clinical proof that it would do anything (good, bad, or indifferent) as to the Covid disease. Yes, hurry up and give us something, but not a sugar pill and the law ordering us to take it. That is what we are still seeing. Where are the clinical studies that masks stop the inflection of disease from one person to another? I saw a study by a surgeon with 1000s of hours in the operating room, and his take on it was that masks like we see today do nothing to protect anyone. The ones he uses are different, and the medical establishment has huge air circulating and cleaning apparatus in operating rooms because the masks simply restrict the person using it from breathing sufficiently. Why am I not allowed into establishments without a mask then? Where is the science, the clinical studies?

Truth cannot be contradictory or it ceases to be truth. — David Cox

Science is founded on the principle that what is true will be repeated ALWAYS no matter where on earth the experience testing it is carried out, nor does it matter who does the experiment again, if the same setup is used (the same parameters in place), the outcome will always be the same. This is what gives us confidence in something being “true” or “truth”. So if science and medicine is now something without evidence, just the blah, blah, blah, of somebody who is hardly even pretending to be scientific, people have nothing to base their lives on. For some people, this is great, because they say obey them, and that is what all of this is about anyway.


I watch a lot of YouTube. It is interesting. The cute cats and all of that. But I also spent a lot of my spare time in high school in the library just “killing time.” My school was kind of rough, but the library was safe. But they kicked me out if I wasn’t reading a book or magazine. So I started reading scientific journals and medical journals. I didn’t understand anything at first, but through a 2 foot thick “dictionary” they had, I understood more and more.

Scientists use evidence from studies that people have done (and other scientists not associated with the first ones redo), and they build on knowledge. But they build logically. There are these universal principles that bind our world together into a coherent unity. One person doesn’t get into his car and go, and another person gets into the same kind of car and it blows up. There are reasons for things acting the way they do.

In many YouTube videos, the author puts forth either no explanation (I am looking for clinical evidence done by respected people, and various of them), or they offer some explanation that is totally absurd. Their explanations do not embrace logic, just the author’s perverted ideas. For example, in one video, the assumption of the author is that water kills you. His recommendation was to not drink water. If that means you drink soft drinks, then I am “on board.” But of course, no, he was serious. I have seen an example of a girl who is trying to be “thin” or “skinny” drink several gallons of water per day (and not much else) and she died. Okay, that happened.

But in a scientist’s study of any subject, this kind of extremism is rejected. The human body needs light in order to produce a vitamin that it cannot get from eating. So light is essential. But if you put a person in a desert without sufficient liquids, that light and heat will kill them. Going to extremes, or going to extreme examples of one side or the other is not scientific. The scientist balances reality with his theories to come up with something balanced.

For example, if you have diarrhea, you body is depleted of liquids, and this in itself can cause severe vomiting and even death. So when you have diarrhea, you drink liquids with electrolytes because the water and the electrolytes are what you lose in diarrhea. So you neither go overboard with drinking liquids nor do you go to the opposite extreme of no liquids.

Homosexuals and Lesbians

I am a pastor. So I “get” these people. They had some experiences with people of the opposite sex, and it didn’t work out for them. Okay. Buck up to reality. The reason why their experiences didn’t work out very well is because of their own character and their inter-personality skills which are probably tanking in the worse out there. But don’t give up on truth!

They drag their problems with them whether a man dates a woman, or he goes homosexual. In fact, the entire homosexual community is very unstable, and their basis is sex, which is not what God has presented to us. Life is more than sex, but not to these people. So when they go back to “truth”, how people get along with other people in life, they can make a man-woman relationship work, and it can be beautiful. For all the “wishing” that homosexuals do about their lifestyles, they cannot compare their lifestyle with what God has made and orders for us.

Salvation as a Universal Truth

Then we come to salvation of a person’s soul. This has been attacked for time in memorial by false religions. But I won’t go there here. But the truth of God’s declarations, that we are sinful in ourselves, and these sins are “killing us”, pushing us towards death, is very important. Only in God can we be saved, and that focuses down to Jesus. He died on the cross to save us, and only believing that, receiving Jesus as your personal Savior will you be saved and happy and content. But we must search for what is a reality in our life and experience. False truths, or other people’s “truth” doesn’t work. We have to kneel before the Omniscient and All-Wise one to find real truth that is woven throughout our existence, our lives, our universe.

Embracing Universal Truth

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