Which is it, Global Cooling or Global Warming?

Which is it, Global Cooling or Global Warming?

Which is it, Global Cooling or Global Warming? is an examination of the Greenies mantra of Global Climate Change.

Pin the Weasel to the Wall Game

Let’s play this game, Pin the Weasel to the Wall. So the idiots trying to turn our world upset down, and they are doing it because nobody pushes back against them, these idiots say we are in Global Cooling. and when everything points to Global Warming, now its Global warming as the end of humanity. When that doesn’t fit the obvious facts of our situation, now its Global Climate Change as the ill and foreboding end of humanity. Okay guys, listen up. Which is it?

Which is it?

The problem cannot be that the world is BOTH growing hotter and hotter and at the same time growing colder and colder. It has to be one or the other. The fact, THE FACT, that all humanity has observed as the way the world works, this overwhelming fact is that climate changes. Our world spins on its axis and revolves around the sun, and frankly, we do not understand why we have a cold wave or a heat wave beyond the technical factors reaching back into a whopping few days or few weeks before it happens. But why did the weather do this now and last year it didn’t?

Why are the oceans heating or cooling from one year to another? This question is not answered with facts and actual data from several thousand years back, but it dictated by computer models that are pretty useless. Every time you see a hurricane approach the United States from the south Atlantic, look at the computer models. (Now they separate the US models from the European models, but neither has any authority).

So these computer models are not good enough science to track a live hurricane for more than 3-4 days out. And even these predictions are wildly different. So if they cannot be useful or accurate in predicting a live hurricane for more than a few days forecast, why do we presume that they are accurate going into the next 1000 years? This is lunacy. Let me compare all of them with my own spitwad predicting. If the wind is blowing my trees into a U and about to bust them in two, the hurricane will probably be close to me. That is about the extent of how foreseeing these guys are. When a 30 foot tide surge comes and covers your house, and what is still sticking up out of the water is ripped off, the hurricane “might” be moving close to you. I mean really. If you just look at everything, you wonder why these guys get any authority on their analysis of climate.

You cannot predict and foretell the Weather

This is something everybody has known for generations. They say it will be raining heavily this afternoon. The sun comes out and there is no rain, and my neighbor is in a lawn chair getting a suntan and her husband is on the BBQ. If the weather is for the most part unpredictable, then why talk in certainties?

Global Cooling

We have to pin the climate experts to the wall on their incorrect predictions and their presumed authority. They did not start off with Global Warming or Global Climate Change, but Global Cooling. So how did that turn out. They scared everybody with pictures of an ice age. Actually that is probably closer to the truth than not. In what little history (far history, going back further than 1000 years), there were ice ages. What caused them, all before the industrial age, what caused them could come back again for another round.

If governments were preparing for extreme freezing temperatures, most people would not be nervous about this winter and freezing to death. So we have global warming as the next phase in the hysteria causing radical agenda.

Global Warming

So with freezing, there is the danger of freezing to death. This is especially if you don’t have heating. But with global warming you just turn on the air conditioning and wait it out. Most all cars any more have A/C in the car. But that is not enough. The polar ice caps are going to melt and the sea level will rise dozens and dozens of feet.

So let’s analyze that. How much and how soon? Well they are talking about 12 feet in under 15 or 20 years. Some are so radical that they are talking about 12 feet in less than 5 years. Well, if we are going to have beaches in the near future in the Rockies, somebody better get to it. The sea level is not rising at any, AT ANY perceptible level. Just go to any place where there are docks on the ocean for 300-400+ years, and you will see these old docks that they used long ago, and the rising and falling of the tides hasn’t changed. If what they are saying was true and we were actually experiencing it (drastically quickly rising sea level) then these docks should be underwater. They are not. Why not?

Look at low tidal places around the coasts. These places are not flooding and turning a high flood into a constant sea level rise of these lands. That should be what would be common if the sea level was rising. In some places, it takes a mere few inches to flood these areas, and at high tide, they are flooded, but they are also dry at low tide. There is no great increase in these areas. If the sea were rising so drastically and so quickly, people could very easily observe this. They don’t. The measure that is given by scientists (climate change activists) are measured in so little amounts that you would have a hard time measuring them by any means.

Radicals are using this matter to gain power

I read the news, and I see for example little Gretchen (she is now a young lady actually) and hear her screams against the evils of society against her planet earth. What I don’t see is any kind of real thankfulness on her part for what society over the years has provided for her. Take a look back at England 200 years ago. Gas lamps, dirty air, dirty streets, and medicine that is just a horror story. Women were using lead makeup! Yea. Over the years, electric street and house illumination. Clean power. Science and medical that is not so much a horror as back then. But Gretchen’s mindset is of a child. She doesn’t understand that her world cannot function with some solar panels. That does not meet the demand for power.

What I see in all of the Global Climate change radicals is people using the unfounded fears of others about climate (which they neither understand nor can foretell) in order to grab power. I go to the energy credits scam which is still bouncing around in some areas. So if you are in a civilized and advanced society like the United States, somehow you owe something to a family in Africa living in a hut gathering sticks for firewood. How is that? And worse, you have to pay more for your power, and that extra money DOES NOT GO TO THOSE POOR PEOPLE IN AFRICA, but rather to our government. Can you spell SCAM? That is what this is.

If you take a normal gas stove and compare the pollution from it to a wood fire, the wood fire loses out every time. Women who cook for years over a fire get lung cancer often. And don’t talk to me about electric stoves, there is a fossil fuel plant somewhere pumping out pollution in order to give all those electricity users they electricity. We talk fossil fuel here.

But even so, a gas stove is progress. If you look at the impact of all of this absurd climate scam, you will notice a few things. The people in rural Africa are totally unaffected by the argument. Only people in industrialized nations are paying any attention to this issue at all. China is the worse polluter of the entire planet. Why doesn’t Gretchen scream about boycotting all China products, especially batteries for electric cars because of their wanton disregard for the pollution of planet earth? The greenies never want to go there.

The United States has probably the strictest requirements for oil refining and utility companies using oil, gas, or even coal for energy production than any other nation on planet earth. So why are you slamming the U.S.? You are preaching to the choir.

Joe Biden and the Dems cut off and hinder US energy

So where is the wisdom in Biden and the Democrat push to kill all fossil fuel production in the U.S. It is really hypocritical to stop the people who are producing energy in the cleanest form possible, and then asking other countries that don’t have these precautions as working laws to sell us their dirty oil. If these people were at all really wanting to help the pollution, they would pressure the people who are doing the pollution, and lay off of those who are not polluting nearly as much as others in the world.

Here enters a basic fact that is shameful. China produces the rare earth elements necessary for BOTH solar panels and electric cars. Let that sink in. They are the ones who benefit from this scam. Of course they give kick backs to Americans. Joe Biden and his Biden crime family got a loan from a Chinese bank for 1.5 billion dollars that they don’t have to pay back. But other than that, Americans are paying through the nose for this electric car ridiculous.

In a time in our country when inflation is killing us (thank you Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shummer), we are supposed to sell or destroy our gasoline car and buy an electric vehicle that costs about 3 to 4 times more, and then replace the batteries in that car every 10 years with the price of one or two gasoline cars. Remember, if they say the batteries will last 10 years, you better be ready to shell out money for a new one in about 6 years.

Radicals are pushing the non-crisis as hot and heavy as they can, even weaponizing social media and the government to silence those who take a different opinion about this as giving out misinformation.

YouTube and Misinformation

I watch YouTube regularly. Yes, everybody is an expert, and nobody has clinical scientific data to support what they are pretending is authoritative. Just because “I say so”, it is true. That is bad. Probably more than half of YouTube videos are lies. The cute kittens no, but the ones of people saying this is so, so get scared, or do what I tell you.

The politicians have destroyed scientific data and their conclusions because of the governments influence on scientists. They cannot prove or disprove anything by scientific methods any more. They have to take their conclusion as predrawn by the government grant givers, and then find data that leans towards that conclusion. If they cannot find data to do that with, they invent the data.


So are we going towards a global cooling or global warming? The scientific truth is out there already before all of this. Our sun is a nuclear fission reactor, and it has been in a cooling phase since it first existed. Energy is flying away from it every single minute. We know that.

Every single planet in our solar system (compared to other places, we know more about planets closest to us) is losing energy also. So that means we are in a global cooling phase… eventually even though ever so slowly. A global hot house would be a good thing if we are cooling to much. So again, the radicals are just using all of this to gain power.

How fast are we going towards a crisis? Not so fast. If there is a very cool winter, the next one may be very warm. That is our weather. That is typical. That is nothing to worry about. We should be good stewards of the planet that God has given us, but we are not parasites on planet earth, destroying it. The radicals actually have hand in hand with their Global Climate Crisis, the concept of population reduction. We need to have a good nuclear war or something so that half of planet earth ceases to exist. I wonder if these elites involved in all of this will commit suicide to help the human burden on planet earth. No. Not a one of them. They want you and me to die, but they want to live, and live in luxury.

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Which is it, Global Cooling or Global Warming?

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