Abortion News and Articles

Abortion News and Articles

Abortion News and Articles is an index page to articles on this website (and others) about abortion as well as news articles concerning Abortion. (I am prolife)

Why Democrats are so Pro-Abortion?

If you overview the Democrats, they are in general against God, thus making the connection, for Abortion. Their ideas on morality almost always line up to the exact opposite of whatever the Bible teaches. They are the party of the agnostics, of the God deniers.

My Articles about Abortion

Why Homosexuals are Aggressive?
Why is an opinion piece examining homosexuality and their sexual aggressiveness in the light of Scripture. The answer is in Genesis 13 with the Angels from God being spotted by the sodomites in Sodom. Interesting reading! Also, "Does God hate homosexuals?" is examined. Moreover, I look at, "To be saved, will I have to give up my homosexual lifestyle?" Read Why.

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