Is WW3 beginning or something worse?

Is WW3 beginning or something worse? Is an analysis of President Joe Biden in the face of the Palestinian provocation.

Is WW3 beginning or something worse? Is an analysis of President Joe Biden in the face of the Palestinian provocation.

A Review of what people believed

Firstly, we have to address Trump Derangement Syndrome. To put this into perspective, the establishment elites control our country and politics, and then something happened. An outside, Trump, got into office when Hillary had the election so sewed up that she didn’t even campaign in the key states to decide the election. Why? Maybe because the Democrats had plans to steal the election (a.k.a. like they actually did in 2020), but something went wrong, and it didn’t get implemented for Hillary.

So we get this unhinged hatred of Donald Trump from just about everybody. Those who saw through this and hoped for a president that would bring down inflation, raise wages, help many marginalized groups get jobs, make the US energy independent, etc. maybe thought that Trump could do this being an outsider. He did, and they were right. (Why would we not vote for Trump for president a second time? He has proven he can do the job right, and he has experience now of having done a great job.)

The Great Fear Mongering over Trump

So the left, the news media, and the Democrats (I repeat myself, I know, they are all the same as leftists) worried that Trump was a blundering idiot behind the levers of power of the most powerful country in the world, so it is a given that Trump would start World War III (abbreviated WW3). These tried to frame Trump as a person who would do things on a whim without examining the consequences of his actions.

Joe Biden has probably started WW3

When you look at this, Joe Biden is exactly fulfilling the profile and projection that the leftists presented and accused Trump of being. But let’s look at a few of these things. Firstly, Joe Biden reject the US military establishment, and passed over officers with a good world view and a conservative mindset, and he pushed forward and promoted transgender and gay servicemen in their place. Worse than that, he actually listened to them on decisions.

Then came the Afghanistan fiasco. Probably all of Afghanistan was Trump’s fault, truly so, because Trump did the impossible thing of getting Saudi Arabia to sit down and accept Israel negotiations in the Abraham Accords. Biden had to do something better than that, so “he got us out of Afghanistan”. Whether that was a good thing or not, that is presently being discussed because Henry Kissinger said today that we now need those military bases and airfields bordering on Iran to suppress Iran. Why did we give them up? So transgender in the military told Biden that it “was good”, and Biden went with it. No foresight. No analyzing the consequences. Just because.

If we examine Joe Biden from the get go, Biden came into office with a bunch of executive orders. This was the way Biden is shuffling through his presidency. Because “I say so”, he does what he does. Our Congress works (worked until recently) by examining an issue, studying all sides of the matter, then proposing laws to correct what is in the interests of America, and then asking for and allowing a hearing of affected people in the issue, and then they made a law. The laws they made had input by various influences, and it was time-consuming but usually had a good probability of not mucking up the works. Then Nancy Pelosi came along, and we started seeing, vote yes on the bill and then study it once it is law. We don’t want to give you weeks to study a law before passing it, because you will find all kinds of reasons not to pass it. So present the bill as a surprise to everybody, and literally vote on it within hours of making it public.

The entire process of lawmaking changed with the Democrats. Joe Biden is a pinnacle of this stupidity. He made a dozen or so executive orders on his first day. Where were the studies? Where was the public opinion? Where was the bipartisan support? This is governing by fiat, “because I say so”.

The Afghanistan withdrawal

The point of the Afghanistan withdrawal is so that Joe Biden could have something big to boast against Trump’s accomplishments. It did turn out big. But now we understand that by pulling out without proper military planning, Biden essentially gave the Muslim terrorists the weapons with which they would invade Israel. Brilliant? Only if you want WW3.

The Russia Ukraine War

Why did Putin invade Ukraine? Simply put, because he could get away with it. Biden is incompetent, and he would not respond correctly if Putin did it. Putin is trying to regain territory lost to Ukraine over the years. He is still in the empire building mindset, apparently. The Ukrainians apparently didn’t roll over and die like Putin thought they would, and Putin underestimated the abilities of his own forces. Add to that the little thing that the world is different from it was in WW2, and so militarized drones and missiles caused Russia to make a lot of miscalculations. What is not being properly emphasized is that the military aid that the US is sending to Ukraine is coming back to the US in the form of campaign donations to the Democrat party candidates.

How does Barack Obama enter all this?

Obama is pulling Joe Biden’s strings, telling him what to do. Obama wants a third term in office after Biden burns out, via Michele Obama, and Barack telling his wife what to do. For a president that could not get out of his basement in running for president, his actions do not add up. (What few times Biden did have a public meeting while campaigning, there were more reporters and Secret Service agents than supporters.) What Biden hasn’t considered is that Obama wants Joe to mess things up so that when the Obama clan regains the presidency for another 8 years, they will look good. Seeing Joe Biden’s presidency up to this point, that is a very low bar.

It is important to note that Iran got a lot of cash back under Obama. Obama supports the Muslim causes, and this cash bonanza is part of where Iran got back on its feet. Joe Biden has continued to help Iran, and now that has backfired into an embarrassing mess. While Biden and Obama are “embarrassed” about what the Palestinians did, their apologies are crocodile tears. It is all show. Because they backed what eventually led to this massacre.

From my point of view, the Palestinians planned to make an incursion, kill a few dozen people, and take a few dozen kidnapped, and get out, all in the matter of a very few hours. Something happened though. Israel pulled the border guards and troops back, and the Palestinians had a field day. It turned out to be much greater than anybody believed possible. The Israeli intelligent forces made a horrible mistake, or did they? The Gaza Strip is probably going to be wall-to-wall rubble by the time they are through with them. So in the same way that US intelligence forces before World War II knew of the Japanese fleet leaving Japan moving towards the US (probably the US West Coast), they just let them go “unnoticed” so that it would provoke the nation into war. Israel responded very definitely that they are now at war.

Something Worse?

What these non-Christian politicians do not realize (which most politicians are not saved), is that all of this is falling into the biblical prophecies of the end times. The antichrist can very easily step into a leadership role here, and

Is WW3 beginning or something worse?

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