Democrats Hamas Horror and Abortion

Democrats’ Hamas Horror and Abortion is an examination of Democrats pro-abortion position and the Hamas killing babies, twisting knives in them, and de-heading them.

The Democrats’ Surprise

The actions of Hamas invading and killing many Jews was quite a surprise to a lot of people, not the least of which is the Democrat political party of the United States. But setting aside the surprise aspect of this, consider a couple of things. But while the Democrats have supported Hamas and the Palestinian state, they do not like it when the wickedness of these Palestinians is so open. They are (politically) embarrassed by it.

The Democrat party is the party of Abortion

They are pro-abortion. So let’s just analyze things a bit. What is an abortion? It is always done on a woman (listening transgender guys? That is the difference that God put between you and a real woman). But a woman just does not go alone in life until she is 16 or so, and then all of a sudden start getting fat around the belly. 100% of the times that a woman is pregnant, she had sex before that pregnancy. Okay, so the Virgin Mary with Jesus was the only exception (shout out to the season here), but that was actually not an exception. She was pregnant because the Holy Spirit came over her, so it is not exactly the same, but enough not to break this rule.

So abortion is simply the woman had sex, and now she doesn’t want the social and parental responsibilities of bringing up a child, probably without the participation of the male that is it’s father. Maybe even with the participation of the man, she definitely doesn’t want a life-long relationship with that man. It was a one night fun thing, and in her mind, the woman doesn’t think it acceptable to tangle herself up with that particular man.

God enters here, and what we do, we are responsible for before the court of heaven. So just because it is going to make somebody’s life “difficult”, then we accept abortion. But Democrats do not “just accept abortion”. They preach that everybody has to have a right and access to abortion.

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The Baby Killer Political Party

No, we are not talking about Hamas yet, we are still talking about the Democrats. The black community has usually supported the Democrat party, and the number one cause of black baby deaths in America is abortion. They support that position, so let them shine in it. It is just absolute unfair, wicked and cruel to kill a poor defenseless baby. What is more, it is beyond an atrocisity that the mother and father of that baby are the ones who are actually deciding and wanting that baby to die.

Again, we must focus on what is happening here. The mother, father, or both, did something morally wrong. It is not normal for a man and woman who are married to each other to want an abortion. It is usual that the father and mother do not have a formal marriage at the time that they are discussing marriage (or at least are not married to each other, maybe married to someone else and they want an abortion because they don’t want their legal spouse to know).

So the Democrat party is the party of killing the babies. But they have scrubbed the concept so much that it is today “acceptable” in many people’s minds.

Hamas’ Atrocity

What is coming out from written orders on dead Hamas soldiers as well as videos and things posted for the family of these soldiers is that they deliberately and pre-meditatedly took prisoners of babies with their parents, and before killing the parents (adults), they stabbed the babies, twisted the knives in the babies bodies, and then they be-headed those babies in front of their parents.

That is some mental picture. I haven’t seen an actual video of that happening, and I don’t want to see it either. Just hearing the description more than I really can stomach.

But if we understand that murder in wrong in the sight of God, Hamas is exactly, squarely founded on the murder OF ALL NON-MUSLIMS. Christians are just as much “in the cross hairs” of Muslims as are Buddhists, Shintoists, etc. BUT MUSLIMS HATE EVERYBODY THAT IS NOT THEIR BRAND OF EXTREME MUSLIM.

But again, let’s think about this.

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Democrats are Pro-Hamas

While people debate the Israel-Palestine question, some people defend Palestine. Others go so far as to defend Hamas. How can they reasonable say what the Palestinians did was justified? I mean, in modern warfare, it is accepted that when a person is a prisoner, they have certain rights. The right to not be tortured, not to die just because, the right to food, water, medical care. Where were these modern day rights the day that the Hamas terrorists killed babies?

The answer is very simple. Hamas knows about these standards, but their hatred for the Jews is so intense, so religious (this is muslim points of their doctrine coming forth in actions), that Hamas is not embarrassed about what happened, in fact, they are using what they soldiers did (under orders of their Palestinian leaders), to promote and recruit more soldiers. Okay, that is a lot to take in.

The Palestinian problem is not about land. It is about religion. They are Muslims, and they want all non-muslims to convert to the same radical muslim positions and religion that they follow, or die. That is the option a muslim sees here. They admit no other options.

So this Mulsim religion is to radical, so wicked and horrible, they actually hate the Jews to the point of killing them, and rejoicing over it when they do it horribly. No human should see this torture of innocent babies (sorry, they were not innocent babies, because in the Muslim thinking, killing a Jewish baby is because it “deserves to die”. Why? Because it is Jewish. So a 1 day old Jewish baby is so filled with bad stuff that the Muslim kills it and rejoices. Better if the baby and its parents suffer in the process.)

Racism at its worse

This inconvient fact of life that ALL MUSLIMS FOLLOW, has not been openly revealed to the public. There can be no hiding what they did. They themselves are proud of killing babies this way. So this is the worse kind of racism. One thing is keeping black people from entering good paying government jobs (sorry, I am lost in the 1960s probably, because black Democrat people seem to have flooded government jobs, thanks to their Democrat politicians), but it is another thing to say a black person doesn’t deserve to live, and worse, a black baby reciently born should be tortured and killed in front of their parents.

It we switch the racism aspect to blacks instead of Jews, then the shoe gets very uncomfortable on the other foot.

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Democrats are two faced Politicians

I do not like politicians, because they are in a profession where compromising is how everything is done. They literally “have no position” except what is convenient at the moment. Whatever commitment they profess to have is subject to giving it up if the price is right. And I fully recognize that this political malfeasant is present in all politicians of any party.

But the Democrats see how horrible these Hamas terrorists have done in their war against the Jews, and it is very hard for them to cover this up and walk away from it. So Rashida Tlaib is a Palestinian US Congresswoman. The very fact that she has entered the Congress shows us a lot of problems. How did she take her Jew hating religion into the public limelight and the normal non-muslim people of her district let her get elected? Even now, after the fact, she is defending Hamas and attacking Israel in the US Congress.

Question. Should Rashida Tlaib be in Congress?

Is her loyalty to the United States Constitution or the Quran? I would argue that her position that the Palestinians were justified in killing innocent people is counter our Constitution. In fact, since the United States is a democrat republic, the United States should be supporting Israel instead of a muslim controlled dictatorship (Palestine) hell-bent on death and destruction of others. Even in the Arab/Muslim world, they hate each other, other Muslims. So does she show loyalty to the United States Constitution, Christianity as the foundation of America, and an alliegance to democracy? I do not see that in her words and actions. She is Palestinian, and she has the world view of a Hamas Palestinian. She needs to be removed or voted out of our Congress. But notice which political party gave and gives her shelter. The Democrat party. Obama is a closet Muslim likewise. He should have never been allowed into office.

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So my question for Rashida Tlaib is do your constituents know you are happy over the torture and murder of Jewish babies? If we clearly see the WHY? of the Hamas torture and killing of Jewish babies, the answer is simple. Because they are not radical Muslims. Do all the people in your district understand that all of them are also in the crosshairs of this Muslim hatred because they are not Muslim? Does the entire Democrat party acknowledge that it is okay to discriminate and be racist if you are not Muslim?

It becomes an embarrassment

It becomes an embarrassment for Democrats to on the one hand publically say that killing babies is wrong and deplorable, yet at the same time defend those Palestinians who do it, approve of it, and worst of all, brag about having done it.

Democrats hate people. Bill Gates and the rest of these big cat democrats are in for “depopulation”. By that, they mean that there are too many people on planet earth, so we need to somehow stop people from living. In any other context that is called murdering. Why are they also all in on vaccinations? The Covid vaccines caused many deaths. That “fits there world view”. They are all behind abortion and Hamas eliminating the Jews. If you cannot outright kill people, then Gates wants people to stop eating meat (insert here anything that is pleasurable also) and eat insects. Is he eating only insects? No. You bet he isn’t.

Nancy Pelosi shows us the Truth

Some time back, Covid was raging through America, and people did not have money to buy groceries and they were not working or not working sufficiently to buy them. So Nancy Pelosi in her typical Democrat style, has a reporter go to her house in California, and she shows off her 2 extremely large refrigerators dedicated to her ice cream addiction.

1) Isn’t California having an energy problem where there are blackouts? How is it that she has these power hungry refrigerators at all? Since they were dedication to ice cream, she has to have had a third refrigerator, so this just gets ridiculous.

2) If she is showing off her ice cream parlor in her own kitchen, these ice creams are expensive. How crass of a rich person to show off to the poor people that don’t have money or food to eat their full. She is the opposite extreme and brags to all about.

3) The Democrat is somebody who is an elite, and the rest of the world are their stepping stones to their luxury lifestyle. Isn’t this exactly what is wrong with the world?

Democrats Hamas Horror and Abortion

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