Tax Incentives for EV Cars is wrong

Tax Incentives for EV Cars is wrong is an opinion about the Federal government's incentives or money given to purchasers of Electric Cars.

Tax Incentives for EV Cars is wrong is an opinion about the Federal government’s incentives or money given to purchasers of Electric Cars.

The Foundational Error

The foundational error of the entire government’s ideas about climate change is wrong. Everything that flows from that premise is there also in error. If for no other reason, the “official view” of climate change is a scare tactic that is used to manipulate the public opinion and government policies, and therefore federal funds.

Within the United States, there is a grave error in between what politicians think, and the reality of life. The people who pay taxes should be the ones who decide what those taxes are spent for. Unfortunately, the politicians have presumed and demand that their ideas are the only valid ideas, and this has just gotten way out of hand.

When did we decide that Global Warming is true?

In the first place, this is a scientific question. It is not an opinion, but rather it is a matter of reality, yes it is happening, or no it is not happening. Not so many years ago, the pundits were yelling that we are having global cooling, and another ice age was upon us. When hot temperatures happened, they looked like fools. Now these same people are telling us that we are in global warming, and that the sky is falling (a la chicken little story). Everything will be ruined, destroyed, people are dying because of global warming. Many people die every year from freezing weather, but few die because of too hot weather. Usually those who die from heat are because they did vigorous exercise in the heat when they should have known better.

But scientists are lining up behind the global warming scare. Unfortunately, as science becomes a big buckets industry, they are lining up for whatever will get more money into their hands. This is a serious problem, much more serious than global warming.

As a pause in this article, I want to observe something. I grew up in a seaport. They build docks along this part of the South Carolina coast, and there are many inlets and creeks that get water backed up at high tide in the nearby ocean. But if global warming is causing the enormous tons of water trapped in glaciers to melt and that is causing the rise in sea levels, where is that noticed? If a tree falls in the forest, does it make any sound? No. The question is, if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody care?

If we can analyze things for a moment, even a foot of sea levels going up is going to flood these docks on the coasts around the world. High tide comes twice a day, it will be noticed. The truth of the matter is that there are buildings built on these docks that if the tide was to be 1 foot higher that normal on a high tide, it would flood these buildings, and it would be noticed. But this NEVER HAPPENS! So if in the last 20 years that the doomsday fortunetellers say we have had and are having global warming and much higher sea levels, then why isn’t any of this reflected in reality? They are just wrong, and you do not need to go any further on their ideas than to deny their basic premises.

But number one, not all scientists agree with the premise that we are having global warming. Weather is cyclic and unpredictable. That we do know for as long as history has commented on weather. But in science, a scientist puts forth a premise, a theory, a hypothesis, saying such and such is so. After he has declared his thoughts and his support for those thoughts, SCIENCE begins to apply this theory in the way that SCIENTISTS ARE SUPPOSED TO THINK AND ACT. They test it. So EVERY SCIENTIST and his theories are subject to “critical review”. In other words, those other scientists that disagree with the theory are allowed to criticize his work and offer alternative theories if they have them.

But the evidence has to be the judge and jury in all of this. What is actual reality is the decider. What we have today is that government decides what scientific theory is right and what is wrong. That does not make any sense. Politicians who have no tools nor do they know how to interpret scientific evidence, nor do they understand the more difficult principles of science, these people are not who should be saying what is our reality. They should be listening to these scientists and studying what they say, hearing all scientists and filtering out what doesn’t have evidence against believing and accepting where the evidence really is.

The Failed Government Policy

The United States Congress had a procedure whereby they heard and debated and then concluded an official position on things, and then they made laws and allocated federal funds based on that. Within that now abandoned procedure, there were long times of studying an issue, many interviews with key people in the field, and open opinion times when concerned citizens could be heard. Much more important were times in which affected people could express their concerns.

When did we decide Global Warming is Right?

So when did this procedure happen? Just because a Democrat won an election and is president, does that mean that the Congressional process is abandoning, and that president just decides out of hand what is what, how we will spend our money? This is not right. It is barbaric. Billions and even now trillions of dollars are being spent without the science behind what is presumed. It should not be missed that many politicians are involved both in the governmental decisions, and they are investing in what they are pushing for in government funding. Many Democrats have invested in electric vehicles, and they are the ones who are making laws about these vehicles.

Within the “normal procedure” of government, questions would be asked. Embarrassing questions. If electric cars are allowed, what is the decline in their functions in freezing weather or hot weather? What about storm conditions? Will they generally still work when people are fleeing a hurricane? What happens if they are stranded in a low area where seawater floods the vehicle? What we know now is that all of these things make it absolutely a death trap to be in a EV car when something bad happens. Driving the car in very hot or very cold weather is just a problem. Moreover, just driving the car long distances is another big problem. Recharging is an issue. Even if there was infrastructure available (there isn’t), the different from stopping 15 minutes and filling up a gas vehicle is no way comparable to sitting in a charging station for 4 to 8 hours.

So our government has gone crazy after this fad, but normal, level-headed politicians are not to be seen nor heard in the issue at all.

Government Incentives for EV Cars

When the government gives away money, people should be very wary of this. Politicians love to give away other people’s money, but not their own. Usually that is because they conceive of some positive effect from it. Biden insists on using US tax dollars to pardon school debt. He gets re-elected by the young adults with school debt from it. But why should the US taxpayer pay for this? The issue is, the government uses force to collect taxes, and under our system of government, the taxpayer-citizen should have some say in the matter.

Among other things wrong in our country, politicians should not be able to make financial gain because they know about and are arranging government laws and dispersing of government money or financial fines and hardships that will go on a certain industry, and they make investments or move their investments to make or preserve their investments because of “inside knowledge.” There should be a law against that, and these politicians should be penalized and lose their government involvement for breaching that ethics problem.

When we take a step back from this situation, why should the government give incentives to any industry for their customers? That is not what government is for. Monopolies exist where the sale of products is blocked somehow or hindered, and we see that as bad. We want our government to “unblock” these monopolies. Yet today, our government is acting exactly like someone forming monopolies.

Solar Panel Incentives

Solar panel incentives are also wrong. If people want to put up a solar panel, that is fine. If it benefits the electric company, let the electric company fund it. But don’t let the federal government get involved with incentives. I, personally, do not own a house. I have never owned a house. So if I do not have money to buy a house, why am I funding through my taxes other people better off than I am when they are investing heavily in solar? Why cannot those people pay for their own schemes? People who don’t own a house are having to pay through taxes for these people to have solar on their houses.

Tax Incentives for EV Cars is wrong

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