Green Failures all Around

Green Failures all Around Is links to articles about Green energy failures in different forms, with my comments after each.

Green Failures all Around Is links to articles about Green energy failures in different forms, with my comments after each.

The “inconvenient truth” continues to show itself in evidences that all that the “Greenies” are pushing is rubbish.

The upshot of this article? Wind turbines kill birds. Ecologically motivated windmills do not respect the lives of birds. They kill any bird flying near them. Do not puff how ecologically minded you are because you rely on wind power when you kill the same wildlife ecology that you are pretending to defend.

So electric vehicles are a dog in cold weather? This is the problem when politicians decide things without investigating these issues by verified scientists. The political establishment squashes true science, making those who get federal funding to toe the line of whatever the politicians “pre-decide” a study will find. The issue of global warming is not fully understood. We are entering into a time of global cooling. But this bounces back and forth between warming and cooling. In both extremes, electric cars are not the way to go as a nation, but gasoline/diesel cars and trucks. We had it right, and somebody forced us into an extreme that is wrong and will cause us great expenses of money foolishly spent. Who? The Democrats! What a surprise.

What is happening in California is where the rest of the country is going. We note: California is 100% run by Democrats. They have had dozens and dozens of years when, whatever their heart’s desire is, is law in California. But for all their Green energy demands have done, what it hasn’t done was to supply their population and businesses with consistent power. That is what the Democrat party want to throw on the entire United States.

The point here is very simply, you need to carefully define what the criteria are for determining “good” versus “bad”. We should not destroy our world. Okay. Everybody should accept that. But we also should not destroy the civilization that we have today and revert things back to the Stone Age. Nuclear energy is still an option, yet it has been thrown out for no reason. All energy is dangerous if abused.

The base failure of understanding is that carbon dioxide is somehow our enemy. Without carbon dioxide, plants die, and they do not give off oxygen. It is naive to think that somehow we can renew our oxygen without plants and carbon dioxide. As they say, these people throw the baby out with the bathwater! Their real solution is to depopulate the earth, and make everybody die. If they really were not hypocrites, and they believe that leaving oil based energy will destroy earth, then shut up and hide in a closet and let things continue as they were going. But no, they have to change everything, and they have to be in charge of the power structures. This is their real agency.

This study says that windmills cause climate change at a local level.

Although the article is from 2020, we are seeing this happen real time. If government is supposed to benefit the general population, and the argument of the Democrats is that they know how to better serve the general population, then why are we seeing any real smart governing that helps California’s problems?

If we can understand that California is the Democrats’ dream, life totally under Democrat control, then we can see what the entire United States would be like if they win every election. Yet, studying California, we only see failure after failure. Misuse of federal and state money after misuse.

The truth of the matter is the electric vehicles are very sensitive to heat and cold, and excess water like in flooding. They are also very dangerous in any kind of accident, event minor ones. They can catch fire, which cannot be extinguished. If the government should protect the consumer, they should prohibit all electric vehicles of any kind. Maybe keep golf carts around only.

Green Failures all Around

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