Obama’s Fourth Term as President

Obama's Fourth Term as President examines Obama's control of the presidency, with Joe Biden a puppet, and probably Michelle Obama also.

Obama’s Fourth Term as President examines Obama’s control of the presidency, with Joe Biden a puppet, and probably Michelle Obama also.

In 1951, the United States Congress made the law limiting presidents to only two terms per person.

While there was debate among the founding fathers on this topic, in 1951 with the Hoover Commission, it was settled. Simply put, no single person should be in the reins of power of the United States for more than two terms.

Technically, Barak Obama would not be president a third and fourth time, but realistically, he is as much in control of things in the White House as when he was president.

Joe Biden – Obama’s Third Term as President

To be bluntly truthful, Joe Biden is not very smart, talented as a politician or governing person over anybody. He flubs up quite frequently. We can observe that those who are Democrats are very seldom good at government. The only thing on their minds is really staying in power. They use their power in government to get re-elected, and their policies and mindset is not really to benefit the governed, but to retain and fortify their own control.

But even at this, Joe Biden is woefully bad. As Obama once remarked about Joe Biden, “he (messes up) everything he touches.

  • Joe Biden’s 6 Biggest Failures During His First Year as President – Newsweek
  • Joe Biden’s Growing List of Failures | Opinion – Newsweek
  • Note by David Cox – Why does a mainstream News media source like Newsweek sudden attack Joe Biden after covering for all Democrats? Even the Democrats are signaling to dump Joe. His own party is betraying him big time, because they have somebody else “in the wings” waiting to take his place. Since they also prohibited all Democrat “other opinions” and tabled debates with Joe Biden, then it must be somebody that the people already know.

Some wonder who is really telling and controlling Joe Biden in his presidency? The answer some have given is Barak Obama. Barak Obama had two terms as president. He ruined our country during these terms. But Obama is not through ruining America. As a hidden Muslim worshiper, he is hell-bent on destroying the United States, and especially any blessing that comes from the influences of Christianity in America.

If our number one problem in the United States is racism, then answer me a simple question. Why is a black man that America elected to the highest office in the land the person telling us we are racist? That doesn’t make sense. If America is really racist, as so many are telling us today, then America would not have elected a black man of any party into the presidency. But the fact of life is that this America, racist or not, DID ELECT A BLACK MAN INTO THE PRESIDENCY. They gave him a shot at it.

After two terms of Obama himself in office, and one term of Joe Biden as Obama’s puppet, now we are going for the fourth term of Obama with another term of Joe Biden. Some are pushing that Biden needs to step aside. So let us examine this.

Joe Biden cannot achieve a Second Term as President

There are really very few people who truly believe that Joe Biden will be “viable” (awake at the wheel) by the end of the next presidential term. Even Democrats do not have much faith that Biden will be able to continue through the end of 2028, and they question, if his philosophy of governing is to make a wreck of the United States economy now, in a short 1–2 years, what will it be like after 8?

Heathwise, Joe is not doing so good today, much less 5 years from now. So it is very probable that Barak Obama has been guiding Joe in everything in Biden’s presidency. And it is to be seen if Barak Obama will “pull the rug out from under Joe” and undercut his second presidency sometime in 2024.

Problems with Obama’s Plan

The problem is to get Joe out of the way, cause a Democrat crisis for a candidate to replace Joe, and the Obamas “graciously” will step in and save the day, block Donald Trump, and regain their control over the presidency. So even though Michelle is still young, 8 years of Joe plus 8 years of Michelle may be just too much for Michelle.

The plan would appear to be to have Joe “step down” sometime next year. Since the Democrats have squashed all other valid Democrat candidates, nobody can get up to speed with donations and backers, staff, and other arrangements that a presidential candidate needs, so something “special” will have to be done. This is to slip Michelle Obama into the race at the last minute.

Why? Because in an honest presidential race, both sides need to present their philosophies on the issues and how they will govern. If this is a last minute thrown together thing, then Michelle is to be presumed to have the same policies as her husband. (But we understand that Barak will be controlling everything she would do, and pulling her “puppeteer strings.”)

If Donald Trump attacks or faces off with Michelle Obama, then this will be very interesting. Because he is really attacking Barak Obama’s positions as much as Michelle’s.


Obama’s Fourth Term as President

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