Will Donald Trump be on the Ballot in all States?

Will Donald Trump be on the Ballot in all States? Is a short article and links to this issue about Donald Trump's campaign.

Will Donald Trump be on the Ballot in all States? Is a short article and links to this issue about Donald Trump’s campaign.

Every presidential candidate weighs his options always when they are in a campaign for the most powerful office on the planet. He has to analyze his opponent, their strengths, their popularity with voters, their policies and proposed direction that they will carry the nation, etc.

Donald Trump has nothing to lose in continuing his candidacy. Joe Biden is out of favor with most Americans. Even within those in Joe Biden’s own party, they are getting frustrated with Biden. In the end analysis of things, Biden’s Bidenomics is just as bad for Democrats as everybody else.

Democrats want Republicans to win. When they pick up the economy in Republican years, that means the good economy is “ripe for the picking” in a Democrat entering, and they slosh the pork around to the Democrats around the country.

This is not good for them because it is rare that the country does well economically under a Democrat. But Joe Biden is trying to “fix this” by growing the IRS to an army. There probably are a lot of people who are not paying their fair share of their taxes. But that is a limited source of “more money”. When everybody’s income is going down in actual numbers, and inflation makes that income to buy less, then more IRS officers with guns is not going to really squeeze more money into the federal coffers. The hidden agenda in the army of IRS officers is, like in the Tea Party Movement, the Democrats want to use the IRS to apply an economic choke hold on conservative sources.

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The point that I see is not will he be on the ballot in all states, but that the entire matter from beginning to end is to distract and divide his attention and efforts at running for president because he has to deal with a lot of other matters that are not directly campaigning. The gag order on Trump on his New York business case is an example. What the Democrats want is for Trump to have to deal with these “other matters” in order to just be on the ballot and run, without being able to use these issues to promote his campaign.

The real issue in all of this is simply, will the Democrats be bold enough to stop Trump by cheating in the 2024 election? Probably. But since people are getting more aware of these election frauds…

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But since people are more aware of election fraud, they are looking at supporting data. For example, in 2020, Joe Biden had a hard time getting 30 people in his speaking engagements. Trump had 50,000 waiting overnight in snow and cold to just get in to see him speak. You cannot explain how Trump lost to that. It was fraud, and although that was not necessary an evidence of fraud, it supports the fact that it was impossible for Joe Biden to have won fairly.

If the Democrats are going to insert Michelle Obama at the last minute instead of Joe Biden, then how popular is Michelle? She is extremely, more popular than Joe Biden. In fact, she is more popular than Barak Obama also.

Will Donald Trump be on the Ballot in all States?

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