Fraud Evidences in the 2020 Election

Fraud Evidences in the 2020 Election

Fraud Evidences in the 2020 Election is an article examining the evidences of fraud in the 2020 election. There is a very simple test we need to use. If we work backwards, say there is always the possibility of fraud. Then we say, what would that look like? And the compare it to what we have in 2020. We definitely had fraud. Note that it is not “voter fraud”. The voters didn’t do the fraud. It is systemic election fraud. There are political parties that are committing the fraud, not at the single voter level.

Okay. So there WAS FRAUD. But you say there is always fraud. But that is exactly the problem in America today. Not that there are cases of fraud, but that those in charge do not want to deal with fraud. First of all, it is messy. If the Republicans committed fraud, the Democrats would stop Congress and do an investigation of it no matter if it takes years to get to the bottom of it. But if the Democrats did the fraud, then that is another matter. They simply deny it and life goes on as usual.

Congress (both parties) should investigate every case of fraud, especially if eye balling it, it could have changed the outcome. Something involving 100 ballots will not change a race that is won by 5,000. But even so, how the fraud was accomplished is exactly what Congress needs to make new election laws to keep that same fraud from happening, and above all, prosecute individuals that participated in the fraud, that did it. Not every Democrat is always involved, so the punishment should be given to those who are involved. Make a scandal of it.

I would highly recommend you read the following article. I will quote from it places in this present post.

The foundation’s report, “Critical Condition,” highlights the severity of the problem: inaccurate voter rolls, duplicate registrations, dead voters, and incomplete registrations—all of which allow fraud by those willing to exploit vulnerabilities in the system. –Tens of thousands of fraud cases

  • Is there hard evidence of illegal ballots in Detroit? So after the cutoff day and time, (at which time Trump was winning by 100,000 votes) a truckload of ballots arrived and entered the counting process (Michigan set the cut off time at 8:00 PM election day and the truck pulled up at 10:30 PM and again at 4:00 AM). Trump lost Michigan. The point is that when one party sees their candidate losing, it is invalid that at the last minute they print up with a photocopy machine ballots and fill them out and then bring them in late. This is what they did. Moreover, they put cardboard on the windows and threw out the observers so nobody could watch what they did. They were security video tapes of the event that eventually were made public. The Democrats involved swore that these accusations were “paranoid delusions of partisan fanatics.” But you do not own the truth. Whatever the truth is, it is. You cannot make some false narrative “true” because you scream it out. So Michigan was lost and this cheating was seen, affidavits were sworn out to what really went on, and all of that got lost and overthrown because of Democrats and the MSM screaming to the contrary. No winner should be declared until all of these issues are thoroughly investigated by a bi-partisan group.

Prosecution of Election Fraud MUST BE DONE!

As we talk about the problems of election fraud, we must address the issue of lawlessness. Our country is deep into lawlessness, and only enforcing the law seems to be anomalies now. If we have a law about something, and we do not enforce that law, then it is as if we have no laws at all, and every man does what is right in his own eyes.

The impact of election fraud causes causing high fines and jail time is  deterrent to fraud. If people who are contemplating doing election fraud see others getting fined and going to jail, they will reconsider their illicit actions and not do them. But if anybody can commit election fraud, and hardly a single case results in anything bad happening to those who commit it, then that is a green light for them to go ahead with their crime.

Election laws must be followed

In all of this confusion about an election, the entire election itself must be declared invalid if the election laws are not followed. This means a few things. First of all, the rules of the election need to be “fixed” (whatever they are, that needs to be explained cleared) at least a year before the election. This includes the process of how the election and counting and declaring of winners needs to be clearly declared a full year before the election. This is the rule followed by the United States Congress up until this time.

Secondly, no changes to any of these procedural rules can be made until after the election and applied towards the next election. So once we are in the election year, the rules of the game are in concrete. No changes. With Corona Virus, the Democrats broke this rule through yelling so much. Whether there is a health risk or not to voting in person, it is still the rule. Sending unsolicited ballots to everybody in the state was a maneuver that is just completely outside of the election laws. That should have been debated in a non-election cycle before it was done. Dumping all these ballots in the counting process is totally outside the established rules. All of this just screams election fraud.

But as we have learned in the 2020 election, if the people who are supposed to take action against fraud sleep, ignore, or just close their eyes (“I didn’t see any evidence of election fraud”) then the fraud sticks. The comment that they didn’t see any fraud is wrong. There is always fraud in every election, just it is not as wide spread or enough to really have changed the outcome. The proper thing to say is, “I did not see enough serious election fraud to really make a difference in the outcome.” But they said it the way they did because they were bought out by somebody.

Election Fraud and the Key People

The first thing we have to look at is the election people. The people who arrange, administrate, and carry out the election, and then count the votes, and report them. These are the first and last line defense against election fraud. Let me just say the nasty here. These people must be moral people that abide by the laws of the United States from the Constitution on down. They MUST be subject to those laws and rules, and when they see something that is out of line, they must not report it, they must blast it out to the news media AND report it, AND work to file charges against wrong doing.

The part the media plays in fair elections is to avert the world to wrong doing. What we have today is a bought media. They will only report on what their masters tell them to, and they spin everything. They all have a pro-democrat party slant.

In election around the world, other countries come in to testify that the election was fair. Why? That is because within the partisan politics of the times, even the police, judges, and poll watchers can be manipulated. Supposedly high people in the governments of other nations come in to observe the election process, and they simply say they saw no fraud or they saw what could well be fraud. This is set beside the poll watchers from each candidate and party.

A “poll watcher” (here we are not talking about from another country, but representing one of the candidates or one of the parties running) is not at a distance watching people being processed and voting. They must actually see the IDs, Voter Registration information, and most importantly, they have to have access “to the book.” One of the key parts of fair elections is to let everybody that can legally vote to vote, and to prevent those who should not legally vote from voting. A poll watcher has the power to challenge a particular ballot when a person votes, and they have the power to challenge a process or a bunch of particular ballots when counting.

It is simply a fact that in an election with fraud, these poll watchers are restricted or paid off somehow. We had this in the 2020 presidential election.

Manipulating the Process of Voting

In any election, it is considered to be “manipulated” or fraudulent if the rules of the election are changed right before, during, or after, or they are just simply ignored. Here a good example is that with mail ballots, the check of comparing the signature on the outside of the mail-in ballot envelope matches what is on record for the voter. Here we see in 2020 that there was wide-spread ignoring of checking of the signatures as well as people allowed to vote that are not registered. There was even new registrations of people given birth dates of 1900, so these are 120 years? No verification of their information.

Why there is a rule of registration of voters before the election

This rule works like this. There is a cut off of when a voter can register. (Actually there is not a cut off of when he can register, only a cut off for voting in the next upcoming election.) So people who register cannot vote in any election within a set amount of time of an upcoming election. (A month I believe it is). That is so that those in the voter registration office can verify that the person has points of data support for his information. He has a valid Driver’s License, Rent contract, Electricity contract etc. This is not just to prove that he or she exists, but that they have a residence over time in the county where they are wanting to vote. Part of this process of verifying a voter is to see how long back the voter has established a residence in the county, and if it is within the last 6 months, then to check his previous residence. If out of state did he turn in his old state’s driver’s license? This is where he newly lives when he gets a new driver’s license, the new state collects the old state’s driver’s license and send it back to that state (or really notifies them and destroys it for them).

But the point is, this process seeks to check that a person that lives in state A and buys or rents property in state B doesn’t double register. If somebody came from state A, is their voter registration used (he voted) in both states?

Ghost Voters

A ghost voter is a person who doesn’t exist but they vote in an election. Ghost voters simply do not have the supporting information like drivers licenses, rent contracts, properties in their names, registered at a place of employment with Social Security deductions, etc. With a little bit of time, all of these ghost voters can be identified and weeded out with investigation. The problem we have in America today is that people want to get their paycheck but not do their job. Here is no different. Voter Registration bureaus are supposed to do this verifying, but they have been populated by only one party, and therefore anything goes if it benefits their party.

As a Senator once said in Congress during an investigation on election fraud, “it is amazing that all of the dead that vote seem to vote Democrat!”

Dead People Voting

There are currently 349,773 deceased registrants on the voter rolls in 41 states. The worst states in this regard are Michigan, Florida, New York, Texas, and California, which account for roughly 51% of the dead voters who are still mistakenly registered. Even worse, state records show that 7,890 of these deceased voters cast ballots from the grave in the 2016 presidential election and 6,718 did so in the 2018 congressional elections. –Tens of thousands of fraud cases

In verifying and cleaning voter registration records before an election so that it is fair and legal, there is the problem of dead people. Dead people that were actually citizens who were registered, and then they died, that is an entry point for fraud. The dead person’s family continues to vote for the dead person (by mail-in ballots) way after their death.

The “system” has the ability to detect these dead people voting. First, nobody dies in the United States without a death certificate. Maybe 1% and I am being generous here, but maybe 1% will simply disappear and die in some way that no death certificate is not raised. The reason for this is because that person’s heirs want possession of the death person’s belongings and property. So it is extremely, extremely rare. Maybe a homeless person who falls into a car crushing machine and nobody notices, but that is more imagination that fact.

So to verify that the person is still alive, all you need to do is go into the civil databases for death certificates and check for the name and address of the person to see if they have died. Actually this is the reverse. The voter registration office goes through the databases of people who have died and look for anybody in their county. Then for all that they find, they mark as having deceased. The Democrat Party has fought tooth and nail to NOT DO THIS. Why if it is not because they are using it for election fraud?

Illegal Aliens voting

Here we have another situation where the voter registration office checks the legal existence of the voter in the country. I am sorry if people get offended, but only American citizens have the privilege to vote in any of our elections. They can freely vote back in their country of origin, but not in the US elections.

This has been observed in places like Florida, and here in Florida you have a star on your Florida’s driver’s license if you are an American citizen.

All of this is completely one sided. The first time 1 million Japanese, Mungs, or some other people fly into the US a day before the elections and register and vote for a Republican, the Democrats will scream to high heaven. In fact, the Democrats are extremely perturbed with the Latinos in the US (legal or illegal) because about a third of them voted for Trump.

Double and Triple Voting

8,360 individuals registered and voted in two different states during the 2018 election.

43,760 individuals were registered more than once at the same address and cast second votes in the 2016 election, while 37,889 individuals appeared to have voted twice from the same registration address in 2018. (Thousands of these apparent double votes were exclusively mail-in ballots.)

— 5,500 voters cast ballots twice in the same state from two different registration addresses in 2018.

— 34,000 voters appeared to have used nonresidential, commercial addresses—such as gas stations, casinos, and restaurants—to register to vote. –Tens of thousands of fraud cases

When lawlessness reigns, people will vote multiple times when that is clearly against the law. While this cannot be stopped very easily before an election, there are safeguards to help deter this. First of all, when a person registers as a voter in a certain place, their social security number is unique to them. Although there may be millions of John Smiths, each has his own Social Security number. When voter registration bureaus link that number this that voter, it is very easy to see where he has voted. For whom you vote is secret, but that you voted in a particular election in a particular place is not secret. It is public record.

A very disturbing trend in these fraud issues is that people are simply using the wrong address to register to vote. They use another property that they own, or even just a vacant lot or some other business address that they have nothing to do with.

So these cases need to be prosecuted so as to deter them from happening.

Mail-in voting while also voting in person

While this may have happened in the past, the Democrats made this the majority fraud issue of the 2020 presidential election. Mail-in voting can be stopped very easily. The ballots should not be counted until after the election is done. Each of the election poll books are always returned to the voter election bureau and they are used to update their computers of who voted in which precinct in the election. But their voter registration number is key here.

Once that has been done, then the mail-in ballots can be counted. It is a common practice to see the number of mail-in ballots total (unopened) and see what the spread is between the candidates. For example, if there were 30,000 votes difference between candidates, and there was 15,000 mail-in ballots, the ballots are not counted because it would not change the election results. But the point is, all of this is done after the fact.

Sending unrequested mail-in ballots to everybody in the state is fraught with problems. People can steal the ballots, or more simply is the case, the person has moved and anybody can fish for these out of the trash. In an apartment complex with 300 residents, there can be maybe 500 ballots that come, the person indicated has moved and the new resident throws the ballot in a common trash can by the physical PO boxes. Fishing in that trash can the night that the ballot get in can be very beneficial to a fraudster.

Here it is important to note that there are checks in place against this, but if you ignore the rules, anything goes. What are the checks? First, there is the signature of the person to whom the ballot was sent to. He or she has to sign the outside of the return envelope. If that doesn’t coincide, the ballot is not valid. Let me just say. Your vote is not valid if you do not follow the rules. If the rule is to use a black pen, and you use a yellow highlighter, then you broke the rules, so don’t cry when you ballot is rejected. That is why in polling places, THEY PROVIDE an acceptable marking device to prevent this, but every election this still happens because people want to be “cute”.

Mail-in Voting Fraud

We need to remember that there are election laws that set proven rules that protect our elections from fraud from either side. These laws are federal laws. Notice that there are rules specifically about mail-in ballots. Those who should be examining these mail-in ballots and counting them or rejecting them have very certain indications that help them. For example, a mail-in ballot is mass produced, and they have folding machines that folds each mail-in ballot and “stuffs” an envelope. This folding machine is precise on each ballot. Printing one on a photocopy machine and hand folding gives a different result. See election fraud expert observations here. The technology expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer explains that there are unseen to human eye codes printed on the real ballots. Also the checking of the box (“Joe Biden”) is done by a photocopy machine and not a pen, and a pen will leave a paper indentation. So there are a lot of things to validate or invalidate a mail-in ballot. When they were all counted election night, how was that all done for 100,000s of ballots in a single counting place with 2 dozen workers? None of that was done. When you do fraud, you don’t do the checks.

Photocopying the ballot

This is another novelty of our day. With the advance of color photocopiers, this is actually very easy to do. The resulting ballot is very close to a real one. But again, there are safe-guards if you choose to use them. The key here is that while it is very easy to copy a sheet of paper, it is very difficult use this copier to make the official envelop. So one of the checks that the election authorities use, is that they examine the envelop to see if it is an official envelop. Again, you do not follow the rules, your vote is disqualified because of your own actions.

Again we see where the processes of an election (if followed) keeps it fair and just for all. It simply is not fair and just for people to break the rules and their votes count. If the mail-in ballots are counted once the election commission computer records of voters voting in the election are completed, then every mail-in ballot will be examined against those records, and on the outside of the unopened ballot, the voter’s registration number is on the return envelope. If they voted in person, then their mail-in ballot is rejected. It just works. But only if you follow the rules. There is simply no way any state should be counting mail-in ballots before the election or in the day or two after the election. The process was violated by those administering the election. That point in itself means the election should be invalidated.

False Identity Voting

Another issue that hasn’t been discussed is the issue of people using false IDs to register and vote. Within the illegal alien problem, there are people that forge IDs for the illegals. US Driver’s Licenses, Birth Certificates, etc. The problem here is not so much in detecting these false IDs but in having the will to search them out.

Background. Juan Valez comes to the US illegally. He gets illegal ID papers (birth certificate from Los Angeles CA, etc). He registers to vote as an American citizen. ICE comes to where he works and he was at the dentist. But he worries, so he moves to Portland OR. There he gets another identity. (A full set of papers, false Mexican passport, birth certificate, and other papers can be had for $600 to $3000 depending on how extensive you want to get. A US passport or Green card are very hard to falsify though. Our US identify papers are easier.) Juan votes for his favorite pro-illegal alien in both places, using mail-in ballots and walk in voting. He likes this and manages to pick up two other ids. So this one person could vote many times against a normal person’s only voting once, he is not even a legal citizen. Those who have Green Cards are also not allowed to vote until they get their citizenship.

Voting Machine Manipulation

See this article on how a University Computer Science professor set up his own election of which was better, his school or their competitors, and showed how to manipulate the machine for the desired outcome.

Since voting machines have come into play in elections, these machines are suspect as accomplices to fraud. There are rules. When the machine cannot read a clear vote, then it is sent to adjudication. Adjudication is when the ballot must be “hand counted”. Adjudication has its own set of rules. Two people have to be present, one Democrat, one Republican, with a person to record what is happening. They both look at the ballot, talk, and decide who the person casting the ballot wanted to vote for. If there do not agree or they cannot tell, then it is passed up to a judge to decide. The record keeper records the two people and their decision. In the 2020 election, there were no records on the adjudication of ballots in many key swing states. That in itself shouts fraud. Secondly, there were no record keepers present, and there were no records on these ballots. Against grossly against the election rules. Then the ballots were destroyed.

According to the Federal Election laws established a long time ago, any election machine has to be able to count the ballots and if the adjudicated ballots are more than .0008 of the total ballots counted, then by federal election law, that machine (here we are talking about a class of voting machines, like 2000 is use in a state) is prohibited from being used in the election. In Pennsylvania, the Dominion voting machines had 68.05% of all ballots cast adjudicated (See article here) and only a Democrat crony to decide. Wonder why Biden won? The point here is that if the election laws that have been in place for the last 4-5 election cycles had been obeyed, these elections like in Pennsylvania should have been declared invalid because of these sole factors. This is without factoring in anything like Covid. This is just pure, raw, adulterate fraud.

The voting machines are not to be “Internet accessible.” They were. The software that was used election day has to be checked by expert software programmers a few months before election day. It was not. There were errors where the machines could not be used election day because of computer error. Somebody fixed that by manipulating the software so it “worked.” If that is the facts of the matter, then a post election day proper procedure is to download a copy of everything on the voting machines and examine it as to why and ask if that could have caused a change in the outcome. It was not done. The machines are/were being protected from any audits and everything about there results and programming are being erased (Judge orders them not erase it). By Federal Election laws, these machines are property of the nation, and they cannot be altered for 22 months after the election. That law is also broken.

The voting machines have (or should have) built in auditing features (by Federal Election laws). What this does is record any changes to the software the actual votes etc. Remember adjudication? That is a lawful change of a vote. So even though there is a lawful change of the vote, or declaration of a doubtful reading of the ballot, it has to have an audit trail so that after the fact, people can go back and see exactly what was done, when, and by whom. Not done in 2020 election.

The voting machine company that makes them should be a US company without politicians or politically inclined people owning it. The owners of Dominion Voting machines are the Chinese. So the Chinese hate Trumps hard stance against what the Chinese are doing in trade, they work to change the election to get him out. This is so obvious that it is an insult to our intelligence to not believe they could do this. Remember the news cycle 2016-2019? Foreign intervention of our election? Here you have it, served up on a plate, and now nobody wants to even think about it. Why? It was never about a foreign power but a hatred of Trump and his conservative standpoint. Even some of the Republicans (Rhinos) equally hated him as the Democrats.

  • Dominion confirms Clinton Foundation donation, Pelosi staffer tie but disputes other claims
  • Dominion Voting Systems denies financial relationship with Dianne Feinstein’s husband
  • General Flynn Says “We Have Conclusive Evidence of Foreign Influence in US Election Right Now”
    General Flynn could have revealed a lot of the spy stuff that the Democrat machine (including the people high in government) were doing, but he was put in prison from the get-go. Why? to prevent him from interfering.
  • Major National Security Issue Identified Related to China’s Connection to Dominion Voting Machines
  • According to Dominion’s website, its machines also are used in the states of California, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, plus Puerto Rico.–DailySignal
  • The company donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2014, according to a Washington Post donor database. —DailySignal
  • An audit of Dominion voting machines used in Michigan concluded that the systems are designed to perpetuate election fraud, supporting President Donald Trump’s claims of irregularities. State officials have criticized the report. —
  • Earlier this month Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) in Dallas inspected the election equipment. Originally the report wasn’t going to be made public without receiving approval from the judge first. Elsenheimer came back and said a report can be released as long as the software’s coding are redacted. In the newly-released report, ASOG stated Dominion’s software has a 68 percent chance of errors.”The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity,” the report states. “The results of the Antrim County 2020 election are not certifiable. This is a result of machine and/or software error, not human error.””It is critical to understand that the Dominion system classifies ballots into two categories, 1) normal ballots and 2) adjudicated ballots. Ballots sent to adjudication can be altered by administrators, and adjudication files can be moved between different Results Tally and Reporting (RTR) terminals with no audit trail of which administrator actually adjudicates (i.e. votes) the ballot batch,” the report states. “This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity because it provides no meaningful observation of the adjudication process or audit trail of which administrator actually adjudicated the ballots.”  —

The Democrat manipulation, brazenly changed votes in the voting machines

Beyond belief, the software manipulation changed votes for Trump to votes for Biden. This technically is called weighted race feature of the software.

In the last link above, in a small county in Georgia it was found that the Dominion voting machine 37 votes. If this is representative, then in the entire state, there was 14,000 votes flipped where Biden won by only 12,670. In itself, that should not negate the election results probably, but it does demand an investigation before the votes of Georgia are certificated.

“Even if you wanted to believe Republicans were just starting to hate Trump and although they still remain Republicans they voted for Biden, they wouldn’t do it in such a perfect line [across hundreds of precincts],” Shiva said. —

HAMMER/Scorecard is a software program designed to hack these machines and implement this software change.

The Dominion machines were designed to create ballots and vote out of thin air

So if you are following my observations up to this point, there is a legal, law bound, process to validating the voter before giving him a clean ballot to fill out. But in 2020, the process was set aside by wide-spread fraud. Here this is unbelievable, but the Dominion voting machine was designed to CREATE VOTES OUT OF THIN AIR.

So we are officially now a banana republic! Even in places like Mexico, this has not been done or heard about if they are doing it. In Mexico they buy people’s votes, but actually, this is even worse.

Cheating can be deduced by tertiary factors

While you can cheat, there are certain things that just are not going to work out for you in your cheating. For example, if you go back for the last 20 years in Pennsylvania examining how many votes were adjudicated, that is actually like single digit percentages. This election it was 70%. Why? These kinds of anomalies scream election fraud.

In this article (Software engineers report Dominion flipped ‘minimum of 138,000 votes’ from Trump to Biden in Michigan), they explain how the more Republic a precinct is, the more their Trump votes were moved to Biden. This in itself screams election fraud.

So the first thing is statistics. You compare your population growth or decrease to give you some idea of what is your actual eligible voter pool. In voting patterns, there should be a red flag and further investigation if things seem too far out of normal.

People never learn that computers are very hard to use in fraud. First of all, you can trace what was done by examining the software. If the machine is not physically available but the same one is on sale on eBay, you can purchase it and run tests to see how it should normally react.

Secondly, even erasing the machines memory does not erase it. There are programs that can revive erased files.

Thirdly, there is always a human factor, and some few people may confess.

Manipulating the Process of Voting

Once the votes have been tallied, fraudsters can manipulating the compilation of these vote tallies. This is tricky, but the rule is, it has to be done in secret. The idea of a basket full of votes being “hidden” only to be brought out when nobody is watching is just wrong. Honesty has everything open and in plain sight.

The fact that poll watchers are blocked from the counting process, that most are sent home before it is finished and a few stay behind, these kinds of things invalidate that county’s results. It should be invalidated by the state election commission before anybody else raises a complaint. It should also be invalidated by the Federal Election Commission also if the state doesn’t do it. The fact that it happened should be enough to start the invalidation process.

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